An Incomplete List of
Completed Quilts in Descending Order

Autobiography 1975-2000

Autobiography Addendum

Dead Ladies Doilies, (50" x 50")

Call Me 'Al' (20"x52")

The Lost  (29" square)

Golden Apples of the Sun

Michael's Circus Horse

Leadville Twins 

Who's Who of American Women

 Four Turkeys  60"x63"

QR Wedding Quilt

Parallax Patterns  (50'' x 75'')

Hudson River, Overcast  (53'' x 53'')

Mangrove Swamp, Loxahatchee River

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Cloth (30" square each panel)

Dickory Dock

Evil Apples

Evacuation Route

Tide Pools

Tide Pools Quilt

Fandango de Tortuga

Peeping Tom