Misc. Stuff

Palm Beach Pastime, a shelled frame!  Required  Shell Frame to live here. 
Fun workshop with Christa's SheShells

Lacey Mc Curtain, a resin dog covered with antique laces,  
auctioned for a fundraiser for the Busch Wildlife Center, Jupiter Florida. 
Who's Live, who's Memorex?

commissioned scarecrow for fall display

Captured Grasshopper, auction donation


The Cigar Box Necklace

Ping Pong Series
Give a girl a box of ping pong balls...

Turtle Necklace
Spring Wrap Necklace
Quail Eggs

Other Jewelry
Ninja Necklace

Bakelite unmarked dice

Vintage Tape-measure Bracelets

Rubberband Collection (smells kinda bad)

Buick Prints

Freeform Stitching

Cyber Fiber
remember that???

or not.
vest from upholstery remnant, vintage buttons

jacket of vintage fabric remnants

Raw Silk hand painted Tibetan design, formerly a bedspread

Hand embroidered Tibetan vest silk vest, vintage bakelite clasp

Tibetan Ikat Vest (front and back)

An embroidered dip-dyed Spanish shawl made into a camisole, a small purse, and a neck scarf.  Hand dyed with dyed tassels

Layers and layers of designer silks, raw edges, Conga Jacket

Paper Mache

Pattern Papers Bowl