Ganymede Studio

Ganymede is the largest moon revolving around Jupiter, the planet.  It seemed like a good image for a studio in Jupiter, the town.  

Cloth Paper Scissors Virtual Studio Tour, 2011 online 

Second Open Studio, 2013
tent and batik pennants 
right hand wall 

 left hand wall with 'Twins' series
 my Open Toed Open Studio shoes
And the book table with all my Artists Books laid out

Here is the studio, ready for it's first Open Studio Day, 2010.  It hasn't been so clean since!

The door sign.  Very goth.  Nate hates the font, I'm sure, but it beats Comic Sans-  right?

The resident buzzards watch over me like they know something I don't.

The mess moving in.

The boxes from Newton.

Moving in.
The floor gets painted.
First visit to the space