Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Variable Inverted Scabbard

-------------------------------snip snip----------------------------------------------------

I used to have a set of CDs with 25,000 images on them, along with another CD that you could easily make banner headers and fill them with any photo you had lying around.  I made these scissors out of a dingbat, filled it with an antique quilt I made, and used it on the old website.  For some reason I came up with that site the other day in spite of it being taken down over a year ago, found the scissors and rescued them to use for the next ten years.  The CDs became inoperable when I changed systems about four systems ago!

Good day here today-  the house was blessedly empty and no one needed me except the dog who is still sleeping it off from her busy weekend.  SO, I was able to finish, bind, add a sleeve, and sign off on Evil Apples, the piece I used in the test video a post or two ago.  The image is skewed, will re-take at some point.  And that is above and beyond the little white Snow White tablecloth being off-square to begin with, something I discovered when I tried to mount it evenly on the stripes.  It was a fight, but we are again speaking after I wrestled it to the floor.

It is a combining of the Snow White story, the gray embroidery on the original little tablecloth, with the story of Adam and Eve and mashing them together to take place in Central Park.  The uniting idea is of course apples.  I love apple imagery, but I bet you knew that already.  The only thing I left off were the wee orange Christo gates- they just got too small for the sample of fabric a friend gave me.

And finally, my printed cotton arrived from Spoonflower, a company that digitally prints on a wide bed printer.  I wanted a sample to see if I liked the way it would look so sent them a 12 set of the tar paper rolls that I used in all the Tide Pool quilts and collages.  Now I also have Tide Pool FABRIC, and I gotta say I am pretty darn happy with the results.  I only ordered one yard because it does get pricey, but you can be assured that this is only the first order, many to follow.  I am SOOO excited about this as I have been calling around locally for digital prints on fabric and no one seems to be set up to do it unless I want it on 100% poly.  Or tyvek.

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Deb said...

gorgeous! will you ever be able to hack into it?