Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Beat Goes On

Since I got home from the hospital the other day I have managed to sandpaper off the sticky substance from all the IVs, stick pretty closely to the hideous diet of bland and low fiber white foods (bleeh), and get back into the swing of my little schedule with few modifications other than slowing it down a bit.  I am walking with the Nazi in the mornings and worrying, then do something in the afternoons and worry more  in the car on the way home.  As if all the shoes haven't dropped already, I am waiting for the boots to hit me next.

But I hiked off to my last collage class yesterday, though I would have made it there if I had to use victim transport to get there.  Of course I had nothing to show for my week since the last class, so I tried to manufacture something on the spot by cruising around finding other people's sources and accepting them gratefully.  I did manage to come up with two pieces that I am almost satisfied with, so I hope to work on them this morning and finalize some decisions there.  Sound better than 'glue' doesn't it?  I also have the two original attempts about maps, but they both involve a trip to Kinkos which is miles away before I can go further.

One of the problems about collage is that there are never the right images  available so first you need a huge stash of things to pick through.  I threw out all the old magazines in the house when I cleaned it for the renovation, and now that I finally have a studio (which unfortunately has become the Dump Room) I need a different form of storage to accommodate all this flippin' paper.  And new glue.  

I signed on for another intensive class in March too, 'Artists Books', one whole week of all day every day- a serious indulgence.  Can't wait.  

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Rayna said...

omg, Sandy, I am just catching up on your blog and read about little Hazel with horror! I am SO glad to hear she is better and is home - thank god! Then -- YOU?? Oy is right!
No doubt all the stress exacerbated your situation but glad you, too, are ok and back home. Stay off the green jello.