Thursday, January 08, 2009

Scary Business

Back when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago I had a CT scan that turned up an 'incidental' breast nodule.  This was told to me as I was checking out of the place so my assignment was to get it looked at post haste.  Finally I had my appointment yesterday afternoon and it looks like a plain old cyst, hallelujah and thankyewjezux!  I still have to go back and get it aspirated but the doctor told me that chances of it being anything other than what it appears are 1 in 2000, odds I happily accept.

So, naturally I celebrated a little too hard, had my first glass of wine since Thanksgiving, then another one, and have a massive hangover today (I have the world's smallest alcohol tolerance).  Or maybe it was the two desserts.  Whatever, I am on Tums and coffee for a bit and feeling better already.  I was kind of off and on about doing the Walk for a Cure in a few weeks but now think I need to participate. I just hate pink so much- maybe I can walk in some other color.

The nipple illustration at the top of the page was from BibliOdyssey and supposedly shows the different ages of a woman from childhood through crones. I am in there somewhere but none of them look very familiar.


PaMdora said...

What a great image, I was really curious where it came from so thanks for the info. Good news about your tests! Just hold the dessert next time -- I can't mix wine and dessert either, so usually opt for the dessert.

Deanna said...

Oh, I thought they were cookies until I looked closer. Glad the results are good news.


Del said...

Hm-m-m, I thought they were those 'Chinese Hat' shells that one finds at the beach. But, knowing what they are, I don't recognize any of them either. Your comment made me laugh outloud. Thanks
PS - The weird word for this comment is "inishies". Cute!