Tuesday, January 27, 2009

small can be big

My son is in advertising, and this note just arrived from him about a newly launched site (see above for the link and please bookmark it for future visits.)

so this is the website that we (the boathouse) just launched.

it represents the combined efforts of just about this entire agency
over the last few months, so everyone's very proud of it and very
hopeful that it will catch on and become self-sustaining in terms of
"new user exposure".

I can safely say that in all the years I've spent as an employee here,
this project is by far the one that has made me most proud, and I'm
one of the few here who barely touched it. I'm very much attracted to
the philosophy behind it (direct but anonymous donations to head off
real and timely risk to a particular person or family), and I'm very
much impressed by boathouse's investment in it's production (no one
else is behind this... we literally did this just to do it, and from
conceptualization to launch it took up a LOT of hours.)

so I'm putting another email like this out to my friends and ad
people, but each of you are a good deal more internet savy than I am.
that said, if you think this site is a good one and that it's worthy
of your endorsement, I would encourage you to pass it along or post it
on your respective blogs and/or social networking sites. again,
nobody's making any money off of it, only good things can come from
spreading this link around.


Please check it out and make a donation, no matter how small, to directly help some of these people who find themselves temporarily in bad straits. This is the kind of help that I can really throw support behind because the recipient gets the full donation, there are no administrative costs, no overhead, no doling things out to those who may have other means. This site is entirely supported by and maintained by the Boathouse Group, the advertising agency where my son works. Please do whatever you can. Thanks so much. Sandy

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Terry said...

What a lovely idea.