Monday, February 16, 2009

Another week shot to hell

My son sent me this **lovely** rendition of my name done in ground beef.  What can I say, he is into typography (and also beef.)   

Here is my doughnut from this morning, but I much prefer the one below it- in fact I deserve the chocolate one just for having my poor hand stuck five (5) FIVE times by the guy looking for my elusive veins. Did I tell you it was five tries? F*I*V*E.

My preferred morning doughnuts.

And, the goal- getting pretty pictures for my Christmas cards next year. I'm sticking to a black and white theme I guess.

But, life is not just medical tests and getting multiple needle sticks, nope, sometimes there is fun to be had, and this weekend was the annual Artigras Festival. This is a huge outdoor craft show that I really enjoy. I volunteered a few times at it, but last time I ended up with heat stroke from all the running around so won't do that kind of volunteering again- maybe they will have an air conditioned space for me in the future.

The booths go for over 2 miles, but I think they count both sides of the streets for this measurement.  There was only one quilt-based artist there, and her stuff was displayed behind glass or plexi.  There were many- too many- painters of all stripes, lots of ceramicists, and lots of jewelry booths.  It was darn hot, not nearly as hot as last time when it was Damn Hot.  And I spent money like a drunken sailor.

A full view of one of the roads, there are three of them in a 'T' shape so lots of walking.

This is similar to the wall plate I got (but mine is better!) at a booth run by Vasileios Tsentas. Stunning ceramics in matte white, a beautiful celadon, and black. I loved everything he had in his booth. My new plate looks wonderful hanging on a little skinny wall in the dining room where I can see it while working in the kitchen.

I also bought a perfectly useless sculpture that I simply loved, shaped like a Cinderella coach, and some very funky and wonderful salt and pepper mills.  Which I needed like an enema.  But I loved unpacking all the loot and putting it around in it's new home.  I am a happy camper.   

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