Sunday, March 22, 2009

Portraits in Cloth

Luke Haynes Quilts here. Working from photographs, he has blown up images and rendered them supersized. Great colors, interesting subjects, especially the off beat angles of people. Nice work from a guy who doesn't seem to be at all constrained by the old quilt rule book, so check out his site.

And possibly compare and contrast to this:
This was the first quilt I made without thinking I had to follow someone else's directions and rules. That's Nate, at the age of five- he is now 31 (ohgod, did I say that?). I used a floral fabric, leftover from a Bo Peep costime I made for my daughter, in his hair. My choice distressed him greatly so he took scissors to it because 'boys don't wear flowers in their hair'. It also has a few holes caused by the time he opened up a battery to see what was inside. Please also note the artistic sag caused by tieing it instead of quilting it.   I made it by graphing up a kindergarten picture to 11" x 14" and then assigning every square a value.  Guess I should have waited and simply used the computer, but I didn't have one in 1981- all I had were polished cottons in every imaginable solid color and a pair of scissors.  This quilt is stuffed into a cardboard box waiting for the day that Nate has a son, should that ever happen.  And if it does, I will change the damaged fabrics to un-florals.  My bad (as they say).

PS.  Didja notice the BLUE RIBBON on that thing?  It was taken at a local art association show held in the church rec room and it was the first time they had ever seen a quilt like this.  So much for living in the past.  Let's just say that my ribbon days were numbered.

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PaMdora said...

What a great story and love the scale of the quilt!