Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remember me?

Cannot believe how busy I am with the packing! I am pretty much done, maybe one or two more boxes. I got the last of the books taped up this morning- had to go find small boxes for that so they could be managed. I'm only taking the books and magazines that I am included in, and that's two boxes worth. (No big deal here, 'included' may just be a tiny image in the corner of someone else's article!) Maybe down the line some year I'll drag the rest of the art books down. Yesterday for the first time in almost the whole decade we have lived here, I SAW THE FLOOR!

Additionally, as I sweep crap into boxes, I have to keep out thises and thatsas to take to QBL in a week. Fortunately the supply list for Dorothy Caldwell's class is very small- a few skeins of embroidery threads, a few scraps of fabric in 8" squares, scissors and needles. It could all fit in a quart ziplock bag with room to spare but then I started adding heavy and awkward items like needle threaders and some very cool new thimbles that look like they are made out of gummy worms candy. And yesterday I found a small coffee pot to take with a bag of my Italian roast- have to get my day off to that start of things go wrong- you know how that is. I went ahead and bought the coffee maker and I will take it to the studio afterward so the investment wasn't as dumb as it may seem. The dorm supply list also included 'microwave' and 'television and cables', but I think I am skipping that. In addition I was cautioned NOT to bring my George Foreman grill or my halogen lamps. But they will have to wrestle my pillow away. I'm really looking forward to this class, plus it will be fun to be with Sylvia as students.

Tuesday, if anybody is following me on Facebook, (and if you are I can't imagine why!) I drove down to CT for a little mini-reunion with some old high school friends. It turned out to be a very fun time getting together in one of their houses, a wonderful old sheep barn conversion on an idilic piece of land. We had lunch by her pool prepared and presented by her husband, the ultimate host. We also had some good laughs, a few revealed secrets, some group therapy, and hugs all around. It is so odd how we just picked up like we had known each other in the intervening FORTY FIVE years! All of us had become 'versions' of what we were back at graduation, adding to my assumptions that 'leopards don't change their stripes!' You can quote me on that.

A Leopard Striped Gekko

A Leopard Stripe Snake

And a Leopard Striped Butterfly.

Who knew.....?

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