Monday, August 10, 2009

I thought by now

that I'd hear from somebody----I must not be doing my job- no comments in a long time!

First of all, I spent a few minutes yesterday changing the color of my dumpster drips just to see if it would translate as black and white. I can't say as I like it as much as the turquoise so I'm glad I didn't order this one as fabric. I *think* I will continue exploring and perhaps change the white to a really pale shade nd see if that sets up some tension with the black tar drips. Could be good, could be a waste of time (which I am getting colossally good at.)

And while I was cleaning up the messy desktop I realized I hadn't posted my embroideries from the QBL class! Imagine them as a panorama- one 68" long 'timeline' piece and four 8" squares. If you click on them you might get a better view. I started out with a series of stacked boxes symbolizing my studio packed up to move. The second piece is a truck hauling all my stuff to Florida- the truck simply isn't big enough to contain it all so the essences are wafting out the back. The third square shows the boxes being opened and the good mojo being let out and permeating the space. And finally one with just some stitching (not complete yet- it still needs the tiniest stitches added to the center in the strongest color, bright green. My 'stupid idea' was to balance the intensity of the colors and the size of the stitches so it all eventually appeared flat again. It is not supposed to look like a nipple-less breast. Give me some time...

August is the month of birthdays around here, a 4 week celebration of receiving new underwear for the start of school and not having parties because friends are all down on the Cape. If you are into family planning, get your kids birthdays to happen during the school year- I planned for Leos so they would be Just Like Me and wow, did I ever get a backfire. ANYway- I was going through my son's file on a nostalgia trip and found this. It's me pregnant with him, drawn when he was maybe 3 or 4. I simply love my feet. I don't know what the dangly things are on my hands- maybe rings or bracelets, and even though my son is one amazing creative kid, I don't think he was yet aware of handcuffs. One hopes. He did capture my curly hair, and though it has been many colors, I don't think I experimented with green. I think has put himself in a diaper in utero, but knowing him now it may have been a karate outfit. Inscrutable kid, simply cannot believe he grew up at all, let alone to be a contributing member of society! I hope his year ahead is a great one.

And, because my handwriting is boring me, today I am changing my signature to:


jpsam said...

The work from QBL is amazing. I keep coming back to look at it.

Mary Beth said...

I'll post just to say hi (and because i'm in that august collection of birthday celebrators this month!) Glad to hear you're well and kicking. Mary Beth