Thursday, October 15, 2009

Age of Symbiotic Reproduction

Poor little thing whacked into my window this morning. She seems to be doing a little better and has hopped up onto the door sill so I am coming and going through the garage so she can recover. I know JUST how she feels because it was only a week ago that I smashed right into a plate glass fixed panel and thought I was a goner. I was in a hurry at the mall getting ready for our trip to Washington and parked at Saks because there isn't a food court near there and nobody else parks there anyway. This lot has always been my parking secret because afterall, who wouldn't like to HAVE to stroll through Saks twice! So I entered, hopped on the elevator to get to the second floor and went bombing through the Akris department not even glancing at what was displayed. As I got to the glass doors that open into the mall, an old bent guy with a walker was inching through with an attendant so I veered to the left and crashed into the fixed panel because it looked an open door!

I fell backwards flat on my ass and next thing I knew I was sitting in a chair someone had dragged over. I attracted a crowd of salespeople who offered me water and ice packs while I felt around to see if I still had teeth. Tissues came to stop the bleeding, and a Guy With A Clipboard arrived to get the pertinent info for the coming lawsuit. My damage, other than dignity, was my nose, which swelled up to twice it's normal size and took on an interesting new direction to the left. My upper lip was split and bleeding inside and out and my two front very expensive teeth were loose. And I woke up stupid.

I finally rallied and was able to get on with my day with my icepack held to my face. I picked up my hair stuff and managed to get back to the Saks door where I could figure out what happened. They didn't have any stickers on the window which was identical in size to the two doors in the center, there were no displays in front of the glass, and the windows were super clean. I went downstairs to the first floor and they had pedestals with big floral arrangements in front of those windows.

But to leap forward, the next day my left hand turned blue, later I figured out that my knuckles took the brunt of the force because I was holding onto the strap of my bag. Every day in Washington I had a new occurrence- the bruise on my hand grew to cover the whole back of my hand, my lip grew a scab the size of a quarter, and my nose took 20 minutes of cosmetic trickery before I could leave the room. It still hurts, but finally I am looking normal again. So imagine how I showed up at the CIA building security house looking like I had just gotten home from a date with Mike Tyson.

Poor birdy. She is still sitting there- wish I could work up a teensy icepack for her, and I hope she doesn't have to go anywhere important in the next week.

Because everybody likes a picture, here are some dying flowers, seemed appropriate for today.
Aren't the colors spectacular?

PS: the Saks legal department has called twice but they are safe as long as my teeth stay installed! Sure would like a few of their double points for my trouble!

Birdy PS: I went to take a little saucer of water out to her, but she had flown away in the late afternoon. I was so afraid I would find her belly-up so have been happy all afternoon that she flew off. And happy I can use the door again.

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Rayna said...

Ouch! Since they are expecting a lawsuit, maybe it's not a bad idea to make them happy.