Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Lack of Anything Specific to Do

You remember what they say about Idle Hands?  I painted all afternoon and I had time watching it dry.  They I had LOTS of time cleaning it up and my floor has been christened-  has green and bronze smooshes all over.  And how did it get on my iron?  Geesh.  I should go back to my cubbyhole.

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June said...

Better late than never.

I have a kindle. I love it. I can read in bed all warm and cozy and don't need to disturb the covers by turning over to see the other page in good light.

sometimes I forget I'm reading a kindle and try to turn the page.

It's disconcerting not to know by feel that you are nearing the end of the story -- it's surprising what we've learned to assum about the ends.

OK, so I'm slow at reading you blog. But I got around to it at last, right?