Friday, December 18, 2009

Eighteenth Day of Christmas, the one with no rabbits

Some sort of light bulbs, cool, eh, and almost wreath-y?  Use your imagination.

Today's gift will go to American Public Media basically because of The Splendid Table podcast that keeps me involved for hours of insomniac nights.  They deserve it, and this is much cheaper than getting a prescription and feeling stupid all day!  I am slightly distracted sitting here in the studio with the rain POUNDING on the metal roof and pouring down the drain pipe in the front corner.  I left Molly home today because I knew the noise would be scary to her-  she freaks out when the car goes through puddles because it sounds too much like her Real Fear of Sizzle when I fry anything on the stove.  Yeah, we have issues, wanna make something of it?

Trying to get back to life and found the new Pantone color-of-the-year.  Fortunately it is also the color I just painted the guest room, so at least for another year, I am a member of the 'in' crowd
The color...

The room...

Of course there isn't a bit of daylight coming through the windows so it appears darker.  It is also the first chance I have ever had to actually hang a quilt (or in this case five quilts) in an actual room!  Last night we had out first guest in the new room and today I am washing sheets and towels-  no wonder I don't like visitors!

Yesterday my Archie McPhee order arrived and I have most of my Christmas presents now-  just have to buy a bigger suitcase to get them home, unwrapped, so the TSA wont' undo them all for me.  In the box was the present I bought for myself- a set of rubber bracelets with the seven deadly sins, ala the Lance Armstrong yellow ones.  Today I am wearing just these, which seemed most appropriate:

Looks like I need some hand lotion too.

And finally, today's version of Swamp-Thing, hopefully showing a bit of progress with the water and a little less nasty swampy GREEN.  OK, now it's back to work on more mangroves and then on to some knees (the knobby things that stick up through the water for you non-swampy folks).  Go ahead, comment.  I can take it.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I'm impressed with how you interpreted the scene using a variety of textures, materials,techniques etc that all positively contribute to the overall vision.
I'll be interested to see how you make this work as to the sewing etc.