Monday, January 04, 2010

Cold as the Bottom Drawer of the Refrigerator Here

(not an actual picture of here, just what it feels like)
Right now it's in the 40's, very unseasonable/unreasonable here in Florida, and a week ahead of more of the same.  I don't have socks, so that will be a project to grab some today.  Which isn't a good idea because once I get in a store, even a sock store, the day evaporates around me, condenses somewhere over my head, and then shatters into big clankin' noisy shards.  I need to get to the studio first thing, wrestle the commission to the table, pin him down, and sew!  So, that's the plan.

Then, if I manage to get it almost finished, I will allow myself to alter some clothes-  I have things (I mis-wrote that as 'thongs!-  take that mental picture!)  I have never worn, with tags still hanging that now are hanging on me.  I spent yesterday morning ripping through the closet and tossing out all the too-big, too old stuff that I am too lazy to alter, but there were some keepers in there that I like too much to get rid of just yet.

And the Horror for the day is:
You may be resisting the inevitable and the more you fight your current obligations today, the harder it will be to fulfill them. Instead of thinking about what you could be doing, just grit your teeth and make the best of what's on your plate. Don't mince your words; being brutally honest in your communications now will be a service to all involved.
Nuts, those stars (pronounced 'stahs') sure have my number.

Now, one little whine about the commission-  I quoted my normal per square foot price to the guy, and I am working away on it, but it has gone together pretty easily, there is a much greater use of some big photographs that printed perfectly first time out (it's that digital ground I told you about), and there isn't much hand work at all.  I am going to give it to him for much lower but I haven't set the new price yet.  I just can't justify my usual price without doing the WORK, and the 'work' just isn't there!  This has never happened before, I usually am sick to my stomach that I spent too much time and effort for the too-low price quoted!  But it just isn't fair in this case to get 'art' prices for this piece.  Yea fusing!  Yea digital ground!  Yea ME, being able to get this out of my way!
Boo me for not making as much money to buy more socks...

UPDATE, later on the same morning:  I told TY the plan and he announced that he *hates* the quilt and wants me to re-take the pictures BECAUSE THEY ARE HOLDING DRIVERS AND ARE TOO CLOSE TO THE GREEN!  Mierda.  Anybody want 4 little pictures, each 6" tall, of golfers holding drivers that are perfectly cut out and ready to fuse?

*hate*- I may be forced to resurrect my old 
additional blog, 'Negativity Man', where I keep
track of all the things he 'hates' and all that is wrong
with the world.  Right now he is yelling from the
other room all the predicted temperatures forecasted
for the week...  Yup, welcome back Negativity Man.

And so it goes.


Stella said...

Negativity Man/Woman: Today I found my Bible, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America
by Barbara Ehrenreich

I have known it for years, forever,
and so maybe Negativity Man and I know something you don't know.

Have a nice day!


Maxine said...

Do NOT reduce your rate because the quilt went easy to start . . . makes up for all of the commissions that were agonizing!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to trim the drivers from the wee golfer's hands and place them ever so carefully where the moon dont shine and finish that sucker.