Friday, February 12, 2010

Coming up, making a plan

I love taking classes-  there is a great Art Center nearby in West Palm Beach where it seems I find a class I need every spring.  This year is no exception but I think I need to branch out of the collage/paint/print/book box and reach back to my deep down roots.  They have an ongoing figure drawing class, no instruction, just the model  and I think I am going to sign on for that-  pay by the class or I can buy a series if I want.  So, I think that's the plan.  Been a long time!
Wonder if I still got it...  drawing I mean, I KNOW I don't 'have' what is drawn above!

Valentines weekend is upon us.  TY brought home a box of roses today and they are gorgeous.  I haul out the Big Vase when I get something this tall-  usually it's a cutting off one of the plants in the yard because one leaf fills it up and lasts for several weeks.  The supply is inexhaustable too.  But the color of the roses is so nice.  Hope they actually open and don't just nod their heads over, plop!  I'll know by morning.  I can't remember the last time I saw roses in a box-  so old fashioned and romantic.  I should be standing in a bias cut gown with my fur wrap when they arrive but no, I am wearing levis and cooking chicken for the dog's dinner.  Oh well.  The romance is long gone.

I am paralized in the studio and avoided going in today.  Yesterday I fixed a broken salt shaker, messed around on the computer under the guise of doing arty stuff, and entertained an old friend from home in the afternoon.  It was fun, but frankly nothing is getting done.  I am devoting tomorrow to getting at Swamp Thang and wrestling it to the ground.  Today on the SAQA list someone asked what we don't like to do and I listed every part of making a piece except the initial design.  We have a problem here, the joy seems to be one of those things I can't access right now and I sure hope it returns.  Otherwise I will have one very expensive storage locker on my hands.  Hmmm.  

My open option is to buy a big screen tv and comfy couch and just sit there all day doing that.  Please stop me.


Stella said...

You just have a bad case of the Februaries. We all do. March is just around the corner, and while for you, that will be nice, for us it will still be winter, but LESS winter than what we are having now.

Got it?

Jo in MN

j.dávila said...

Ugh, I hear you, I've been in a stuck spot for a while now. I would love to see more books from you - maybe something with a narrative (if you're looking for ideas from the peanut gallery).

About the life drawing class, did you know that someone (I think it was Melly Testa but I could be mis-remembering) took one with a sewing machine? She asked the moderator/teacher ahead of time and dragged in her machine instead of an easel and drawing pad and sketched with thread while everyone else used pen or pencil. I've always thought that was brilliant and wanted to try it. Maybe I'll start with still lifes in my studio...


Rayna said...

Must be the moon and the stars and the tide -- I, too, am sitting and staring at my wall. Have not been to the studio in weeks and have been reading. I think, Sandy, there is some kind of healing process going on that we must need. The seeds are germinating and we need to leave them alone for a while. They will eventually sprout. Have fun with your class!