Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art Quilt Elements

Got the postcard packet the other day, but this is a better way of sending it out to the most people fastest.

and the deets:

Don't know yet if I will be showing up, but believe me, it won't be my piece you are coming to see!  Let's just say my jpgs must have been better than I thought!  This promises to be a great show so swing by if you have any chance to see it.

And now, the Horror-Scope:  And it's ABOUT TIME

You may feel as if you have been forced to hold your breath as circumstances tightened their grip since just before the holidays when Mars turned retrograde in your sign. Today, as the action planet changes direction in your 1st House of Self, fresh winds will begin to blow in a new weather pattern that enables you to reclaim the ground that you lost. Don't forget to breathe in future possibilities and breathe out past setbacks as you move forward.

Note:  I'm breathing IN, I'm breathing OUT.  I'm getting in the car for the haul to Sarasota for a few days and the weather is supposed to be great.  I'm sightseeing with some old friends, even one of my oldest friends back from elementary school who was my first roommate in Boston and actually even in my wedding.  I have dinners every night out, and my bag packed with my wine pills!  And we are staying in a great hotel so I plan to take advantage of the amenities.  After traveling back and forth to Boston staying in dog-friendly motels, this is a major treat and I know I won't check out scratching.  

For once I have every minute planned except for breakfasts so for that I will read over my oatmeal and then go back to the room and knit on the third incarnation of this silk sweater that I am finally going to stick with and not hate before I get to the armhole bind off!  The Habu stainless steel thread sweater is gonna sweat it out for a while in it's basket-  it got the best of me and I will end up with a pretty ordinary looking thing when I finish so it can just wait.  What was I thinking BLACK threads in a dark house!    It can wait, I'm back to the silken straw in a gorgeous rusty pink or maybe it's pinky rust color and I am gonna stick with it this time.  Sorry, I forgot to post the baby blanket I finished for my friend the other day-  I have a camera full of pictures to post but haven't remembered to do it.  And I'm off to the western shores!  

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Pat Pauly said...

Sandy, you enabler! I have so much to do, but I would rather just hear about your travels. In fact, I can't imagine a better blog, so don't look for mine, You Are Already Best.

Pat Pauly