Monday, March 08, 2010


but finally I feel like I made some headway with the stupid sewing machine.  I've been making lines all over the Swamp quilt, trying to make it work.  I don't like this machine at all, wish I would have never bought it, but now I have to work with it and stop complaining.  Maybe I will learn to love it.  Ha.  I guess I will have to bring the old one down from Boston because at least it does what I want it to, not what IT wants to do.

Beverly just sent me her phone pictures taken at the craft show the other day.  We had the most fun with the hat lady in her booth.  Laurie was trying on every single hat, and here I am with the hat I loved best with the three little suitcases sitting up on top.  I don't know who the lady is on the left picking her nose.

Here is Laurie in a magnificent tubular hat-  the whole thing is one long straw stretchy tube, reminding me of those thumb lock things that you can't get off once you put them on and pull slightly, with a giant knot in the back and feathers in one end.  It was fabulous, and looked great on her, don'tcha think?

I worked a bit on a new book today too, I want to do some marbleizing on it, but may change the plan because I already glued it together.  So that's project #2 and I am still waiting for some major inspiration for it, but meanwhile I am trying out some ancient inks I have reconstituted.  The colors are wonderful, but I am not convinced I want something that's so fugitive.  I stained the book pages today with a wide brush, let it set up, then stuck it in the sink to rinse off.  I'm now left with a pale version that will be ready to print on next time I get at it.

Also, I grabbed a baby blanket from a friend who was having problems with the knitting, and needs to quickly finish not one, but two blankies for her new grand-twins due very soon.  I got it home and started fixing the problems, started knitting and then couldn't stop all weekend.  I finished it this morning, in time to take it to the design wall and block it for her too.  Then I discovered I forgot the last section and it ended up square instead of rectangular.  Oy, I am so embarrassed!  I will give it to her tomorrow with the proviso that I will take off the binding edges and add on the last set of blocks if she wants.  So much for being a help, right?  I guess this is my obvious protection to never have anyone ask for help again.  Bad me!  And tomorrow I have to get her started on the second one too.  

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