Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not so Quick

Yeah, I had a thorough search of my bag yesterday.  Everything came out and was strewn on the table, returned to the bag by the security guy and sent through the screener a second time but not closed because he couldn't get it all back in!  So I stood there re-packing while everybody going by saw my poblano pepper and avacado and full head of garlic and hunk of good cheddar, not to mentio the hard boiled eggs mixed in with dirty laundry, 5 skeins of beautiful yarn (which Mr. Security commented that he really liked!) and high heels.  So embarrassing.  I had to again remove everything and refold and re-tuck the veggies into their respective places where they wouldn't get smooshed.  Then, ohgawd, I had to LIE across the bag to get it to re-close.  Yeah, ass in the air, oofing and grunting waiting for the tell tale click.  Gotta get a better bag and retire this one.

Besides, being hard-sided, it's heavy and no one, repeat, NO ONE helps me haul it into the overhead rack.  I just never mastered the helpless li'l ole me look that makes men race to my rescue.  Not that I want that anyway, but geesh.

To change the subject, I arrived back in FL to great news-  I was accepted into the Paste-Up 2010 show again this year which takes place in the summer in Lowell.  But there's more...they picked my collage for the postcard this time!  I am thrilled because this sucker gave me such fits and was a fight at every step.  In the end I was OK with the results but it was such a challenge getting it to behave for a small piece that it was nearly abandoned at several stages.  It's funny but the bigger the fight the less sure I am of how successful a piece is-  I guess it gets to be like a member of the family and I lose objectivity and get defensive...I dunno.

The other thing is that I finally found a copy of the group shot taken at the AQE opening last weekend.  That bored looking orange-haired woman, second from left and cowering in the back row, is me.  As far as the other artists, it's a whole new generation and I have no clue as to who is who in this group.  At other shows I have been included in, I know so many of the artists but this was a weird feeling.  I didn't even know who was an artist and who wasn't or I would have done better schmoozing.  Here we are, with apologies to all of these people because I am really not so unapproachable.  I wish my vest showed better too-  it was new, from Gild the Lily (a digital print on silk of abstracted florals) a second choice for the occasion but the first one wasn't warm enough.  When I pulled it from my suitcase it was stinky from a mildew smell so I was staying away from full body hugs-  don't need to smell like 'that' old lady who is always in a mothball haze.  I have to call the store here today to tell her to air out the rest of her stock.  Pew.  At least I know we are posed in front of Jude Lazelere's and Linda Colsh's pieces.  


Natalya Aikens said...

I sure wish I had met you Sandy! I'm fourth from right cowering in second row...

Wen Redmond said...

Sandy- so NOW I know who your are! I'm to your right blocking your vest. I thought you were quirky at the Elements exhibit and now that I've read some of your blog, I know you are!
Diane Bein mentioned your opinions about the Brush ART gallery show. They could have switched the food and the vendor. Did you find the food?