Monday, April 23, 2012

Alacrity Scuttle Alai

And I have to get busy hiding some sources soon or I will go nutty.

OK, so it's a bit out of proportion here BUT when I tell you about these onion rings at the Shipwreck Bar on Key Largo, you will understand!  Yes, they are dipped in batter and then in coconut before they are fried.  Note that we have already eaten half the basket and I had to do a slap-down to even get TYs hands out of just one picture!  Another little note-  any one of these I could put on my wrist and wear as a wide bangle!  The absolute most delicious onion rings on earth!  Make a note.
I don't remember much else about this place except that in the bathrooms are posters to not put anything down the toilets that you haven't eaten...  ick.

Talking while driving has always been a problem!

Don't the Pseudo-Cuban and I look happy?  The pictures are trickling in!

And finally, this made me really laugh and I don't even really like cats much-  this one obviously has a well developed sense of humor AND bicep!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You look fantastic and too young to be a mother of the groom!

Mandi said...

I love the cat vid! Good luck with the dogs. I got a new puppy earlier this year and it seemed like at least 2 of my other dogs would never tolerate him. It's slowly getting better, but it's taking longer than I expected!

If your dogs don't draw blood then they'll be fine (mine did)!