Saturday, May 26, 2012

Voracity Seaquake Lament

(With thanks to Banksy who invited me to steal anything I wanted from his site.)

Well, as you can tell from my extensive thievery this weekend of all the video sites I can mine, I didn't hold to my word to not post over the weekend.  Basically I found Too Much Stuff, all of it I want to keep, so I sweep it up and stick it here as long as Blogger will let me.  As I was messing around and following links I found this old crocheted bedspread but IT IS BLACK!  OMG.  I immediately pinned it on my board of things I don't want to live another minute without.

All of a sudden it looks contemporary and I feel a deep need to own it!  But alas and alack, it was listed at over $1000 USD, a bit too rich for my dogs to have digging away on my bed.  But I got a brain storm, because I am a crafty old broad and can do anything I set my mind too.  I will crochet one MYSELF.  Well seven minutes later I gave that up because, though I learned to crochet when I was about 7, I never progressed beyond sc (which is single crochet for those of you even behind me!)  This is usually enough to finish an edge on something I've knitted, and I haven't bothered with bobbles or anything else that exciting.  So, I went to eBay and sure enough for $65 I found this:

It's huge, it's pretty close to the pattern of the glorious black one with the diamonds arranged in a different way, and I will dye it myself and hopefully remove the fringe.  Dye is cheap, so for an investment of a mere fraction of that $1000+ I'll have a reasonable facsimile.  I am genius, hear me roar.  I can copy anything.  Now, how can I spend that $935 I've saved?

Crochet?  Did somebody say CROCHET???  Jo Hamilton is the master, builds whole scenes with her hook and some yarn.  Watch this stop motion video of how she works a portrait:

And now go to her site and see the amazing portraits there.

And here's a list of links if you don't have anything to do on Sunday mornings---

The Institute for Figuring

SuperNaturale I Can Read

Stephanie Syjuco, the Counterfeit Crochet Project

Allyson Mitchell's Granny Square Wreck Room

Studio International

Crochet Insider

Crochet Videos

OK?  Enough to keep you busy until Monday?  Maybe I'll skip Monday, it'a holiday and I might have to make potato salad to celebrate.   Maybe I can get some help from this guy:

Well geesh, that's why they call 'em pigs.

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