Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Freed Conception Freedmen

Your thoughts can tug you into strange and unfamiliar waters today, and you must travel alone on this short journey of the soul. You may be working on the solution to a particular problem, yet now you are poised to make a larger intellectual breakthrough. Nevertheless, don't push your thoughts onto everyone else; you can share your ideas with your friends when you return.
Yeah, the thoughts have been in several 'strange and unfamiliar' pools already today, and unfortunately I've already whined about things before I was supposed to.  The Horror of it all.  So, let me share some of my waters today!

Street art with pithy sayings from mobstr who has great examples of graffiti to make you go 'hmmm.'

Next I have found two cool examples of what can be down with a little ball of twine.  Both are huge installations in museums currently:

Crochet playgrounds by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

 Next, at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, an exhibit by Hottea, street artists that installed a giant 'sun' in the rotunda made of string.  Sorry about the terrible images, but go to the site to see and read more.

                                                             the view from below
                                    and the view of the below watching the view from below!

Maxime Ansiau has taken the traditional Dutch art of painting significant buildings on decorative plates to a new level-  she has fused plates together to accommodate contemporary skyscrapers and row houses. 

Liz Collini does chalk typography.  Check out the close-up to see the perfection in these letters!  More at her link.

So, I liked this so much I searched around for other chalk calligraphy-  I love the transient nature of the work, here today, erased tomorrow!  Here's an example by Dana Tanamachi with more work on the site

And a little English how-to here:

A baby announcement here by  Erik Marinovich

So I've done a little more investigating and there are special markers made by a cou[ple of different manufacturers that they use for chalkboard art, it looks like chalk but doesn't rub off on passers-by-  you need to wash it off before you start over.  Also I've found a few recipes for a chalkboard so you don't have to buy the special paint-  you can use acrylics and a little sanded grout with matte medium and they ya go!  Google it, I lost the site already and know that very few of you want to go into business doing this.  But it sure looks great, doesn't it?

With that, I am closing shop today to sit around waiting to slam Molly into her Thundershirt in time for the fireworks.  Around here its a big deal, every neighborhood, every town starts around noon randomly shooting things into the sky-  by dusk you're surrounded by explosions, and by 9 it's over except for roaming teenagers.  

Think I'll work on the bindings of the poor neglected Four Turkeys and get that to a point I can roll it up into it's log and forget about it like all the rest! And while I'm doing that mindless piece of business I can be glancing over at the twins deciding what to do about their dresses. (See Horror above!) Irons in the fire, my friends, yup, irons are in the fire! 
All time is all time.  It does not change.  It does not lend itself to wrings or explanations,  It simply is.  Take it moment by moment, and you will find that we are all, as I've said before, bugs in amber.  Kurt Vonnegut


Mary Beth said...

He makes it look so easy and is so right about his ideas on style and readability. Made me flash back to my calligrapher days. eeps. trying to convince people that fewer words were more impressive, more readible etc.

This might be of interest: ColinEberhardt: Possibly the biggest scientific discovery of our time, the #Higgs Boson, announced in glorious MS Comic Sans Font

Mary Beth said...

PS I wonder if that's what they use in Starbucks etc. That stuff seems to rub off but with some effort. Seems like it would be fun as a design wall option - white boards always leave me covered with marker dust.