Tuesday, August 07, 2012

made rapidly sting

 Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.Gail Sheehy
Back to the sewing board...

And here's what's happening to the twins, more layers!  More old quilt blocks, more loose stars from who knows where, and more stitching in the ditching!  The good thing is that these blocks flip right around to the back and cover the worn out binding.  But that's still more stitchin'.

Sandy's Big Tip o' the Day:  
Note about photo above-  see the scissors on the right bottom corner?  That is my plumb bob, a carpenters trick I've always used.  I cut off a piece of string roughly a foot or so longer than the quilt, Then I tie one end to a pair of scissors.  The other end gets wound around a thumb tack placed at the top corner of the quilt on the design wall.  Then I stratigically pin the quilt to the wall following the string line which is straight.  When the first side is lined up, I move the thumbtack to the opposite side and pull and tease the edge against that string.  When the whole side is perpendicular to the first the thing is sprayed and patted and pulled into place and left to dry overnight.  And voila, it's square AND blocked all at once.  
                                                       (Whew, I don't do that very often!)
Two days and this is all I've gotten done and have the whole quilt left to go but I have a hideous cough and cold so my eyes aren't working these days.  Can't thread a needle to save my soul-  this might take longer than just Thursday when I head to Lowell and I wanted it put to bed by then!  Damn.  Stabbed!

My friends know how I'm feeling and present me with squirrels to sympathize.  Thanks, BE, again.

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