Wednesday, August 08, 2012

randolph heavyweight commend

But just for today.

A completely off the charts rant on my so-called medical care:  Skip this paragraph if you don't want to get aggravated.  So, I ordered a refill on a prescription from the drugstore that always fills my orders TEN days ago, I stopped in twice that week and they told me it wasn't ready, they were waiting for an OK from the doctor to refill it.  After a week I called the doctor and they assured me they would fax it in that day.  Next day I stopped in and they didn't have a fax.  I called the doctor's office back the next day and she said she would re-fax it immediately.  I went back to the pharmacy the next day and it wasn't there yet.  I called the doctor for the third time and explained I've been without this medication for ten days now getting a runaround so she promised she would CALL it in for me yesterday.  Today finally I got a text that it was ready for pick-up so off to the pharmacy I went and it wasn't there.  They told me someone had already picked it up earlier, and to call my insurance company (as if they actually answer the phone!) because they won't cover another prescription.  I started throwing a fit, showed them the text they sent and sure enough the call number wasn't theirs-  they looked it up and it was a Walgreens in INDIANAPOLIS.  They said I must have had a relative pick it up there.  Right.  I asked them to call friggin Indianapolis and said I bet it's sitting there and they can cancel it and send it here.  Well, duh.  I then had to SIT and wait another 45 minutes while they counted out the pills and put them in a little container.  I know they were dragging their feet so I would cool my heels and not jump over the counter at them.  Probably had their finger on the emergency call button back there side-eyeing me.

Brigitte Bardot said, 'I gave my youth to men and my old age to dogs I can trust.'

Dog Training, Second Lesson. 
 First you pretend you're scared to go down the steps. Next you whimper and sob and maybe tremble with fear. Their hearts melt and they carry you for a year, until you eat too many cakes off the kitchen counter and they have to figure out something else. Here ya go, a doggie elevator expending no doggie energy whatsoevah...
Here are my dog trainers-  they have done a marvelous job in getting me to do their bidding 24/7.  Here we all are on our family bed, on 'our' brand new linen quilt.

On the Twins front, I finished the left side as I intended, took me an extra half day.  Tonight I am going to do the right side which isn't as big a deal and get it completely finished so I can race it to the design wall tomorrow, clean it up and dust it off and make it square again for it's Phinal Photo!  It's my own stupid deadline to finish it before I leave, I'm ready for something new when I come back.  It is kind of cool watching the Olympics while I sew-  last night was the beach volleyball and quite exciting.  No tv in the studio though occasionally I will do Hulu.  Mostly I listen to Boston NPR.

Tonight is the rope pulling event.  GO GRAY TEAM!

I almost made the team.

I'm getting way excited to get together with some old friends AND some new ones in Lowell.  We have a dinner going now, extended our time to stay and laugh a bit!  


Anonymous said...

Are your meds working?
Where I live you must see the Doctor to get a repeat script.
You only get good service when some one owns your problem.
Pity that you had to sit there and intimidate in order to get them to own your problem.
This my newest favorite blog.
Cheers Jan

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, I see you are now in your old age with trust worthy dogs as opposed to your youth, as suggested by BB.
Cheers Jan