Tuesday, October 22, 2013

vainglorious adolph decollimate

"I never wrote anything that was published until I was forty."   James Michener

In case you missed my Death by Spoonflower Story yesterday, go HERE to read it.  

Oh oh.  Here's my HORROR:  You can land yourself in a heap of trouble today because your coworkers might not be as reliable as you think. It's not that they are purposefully misleading you; it's just that they may overextend their optimism and promise more than they can possibly deliver. If someone comes to your rescue now, gracefully accept the offer of support. However, it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket or you might end up being sorely disappointed. Your secret back-up plan could be just the thing that saves the day.

I did manage to go to the studio and ferret out some other scraps of things I have had printed there since and all seem to be color fast.  They haven't been put in the washing machine but water doesn't make them run onto absorbent fabric next to it. I think everything else is OK though I was pretty sure another vibrant green print would rinse out too but it didn't.  This was done way back in the beginning of the company so I don't remember what the terms and conditions were.  Oh well.   Remember to TEST TEST TEST, expecially on hand prints and dyes.  

Ran erands all day long so I can get out o here Friday and back to Boston.  Took my car in to be checked because the wee yellow engine light was on, so they are doing a complete check and gave me a loaner.  Then I hit the pet store and the vet for all the various peculiar diets for the dogs, bought some kibble and roast meat menu items that were marked down to ten cents each so I hiked again to the back of the store to find more.  Pepper eats anything-  he is so happy all the time I could feed him gruel and he would lick and big-eye me like I gave him unicorn sautéed in skunk juices.  I know he would love that.  I think it might be what he rolls in to pick up the scent, so appealing.  Anyway, got stocked up for that and then went to the Lighthouse Art Center to see the Arty Bras show.  The auction is tomorrow night.  Hey- I'm not ashamed, it looked pretty good.  And mine had the distinction of being sewn together, not just fake flowers dripping with hot glue.  (!) 
mine-  top right

Embroidery on Bread

Called the Total Avian Support System, and made to hang in your local trees for the birds to eat and use for their nests.  Below see one being used as intended.


Curator Elizabeth Devlin talks about her show 'Pedigree' at the New Art Center in Newton MA

I thought some of you would enjoy her thoughts on some of the works she picked for this show.

Ode du Bunnies
the Halloween Pumpkin Bun, sad and dejected being gray and felty looking in is tiny squashed pumpkin hat...

The Fright Wig Bun, and his glorious angora fluff at full sail

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