Thursday, November 07, 2013

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"It may be that those who do most, dream most."   Stephen Leacock

Breaking News
#1 Son called a while ago and announced that my DIL went into the hospital-  her water broke and they are keeping her there until labor starts.  It could be tonight, it could be in a week.  Saturday is the 36th week so we hope she can stay in the holding pattern until then.  

Of course I want to be there but I can't leave this menagerie at this point-  TY is unable to do anything for himself like get dressed or get his slingy ding installed correctly, still recovering.  He can't wash a dish one handed or even take out the trash.  He can't walk two dogs and pick up their poop, and he can't tie on the cone when Molly pulls it off.  He can't drive yet.  And he can't inject Molly with her insulin one handed.  And he doesn't cook. 

The deal is I have a ticket to Boston on the 21st to start Thanksgiving dinner for the tribe, and I was even nervous leaving TY then (he was going to follow a week later and stick the dogs back in the kennel for a long weekend), and that is before the problems with Molly.  

I am betwixt a rock and a hard place.  WWJD?  

In Other News I finally picked up my sewing machine and found out that it will cost me $80 to add a knee lift onto the one I just bought as a back-up.  That will have to wait.  Will see how much I use it.  As of today, not at all.  The one I picked up is now in the back of my car because I haven't had a minute out of this house to get it to the studio.  Yes, folks, I am running on empty these days with no end in sight.

Ahh, you're saying that I already showed you Molly and her cone yesterday but you would be wrong. This is the Shaved Molly in her cone, a shadow of her former self.  Her fur is so short that you can see her spotted blue skin through it.

She needs a full body YETI sweater
instead of me working on these stupid little hexagons.

Found this VW made out of iron gate materials-  the whole thing is open to the elements-  you can see the engine through the fencing, and from inside you are surrounded by something that feels like Cinderella's pumpkin!

Everyone who likes a good old fashioned VW Beetle, will love this one by MG Vrbanus even more! After 3,500 man hours in 6 months, 5,000 Swarovski crystals, 70kg of wrought iron, and 24-carat gold leaves, this 1970 Beetle has become the perfect “Just Married” vehicle, provided it doesn’t rain. Croatian company MG Vrbanus makes elegant gates and fencing and chose the Beetle to advertise their quality craftsmanship. They stripped off the white sheet metal work, exposing the raw mechanics and applied wrought iron sections in its place.

A lot of juicy delicious tactile acrylic paint on linen! I think anyone who has ever used acrylic knows, and loves, that feeling when the paint on your palette dries into lumps, blobs, and waves that you can peel off in plastic-ish chunks… well, Spanish artist {Berlin-based} Yago Hortal took that to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! I don’t actually know how he made these, but I do know that I want to touch them.  Gorgeous colors!

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