Sunday, January 26, 2014

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To have a sacred place is an absolute necessity for anybody today. You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so, where you do not know who your friends are, you don't know what you owe anybody or what they owe you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.   Joseph Campbell 

Off to find the inflatable head cone for Molly today!  I managed to locate one in the right size, haul it home and stuff her into it to her dismay. But after a few minutes of wearing it and being able to see to go through a doorway, she doesn't seem as miserable.  It's basically one of those neck pillows like people wear on airplanes so their heads don't bob if they fall asleep.  So, another problem solved for now.  
(She's all messed up because her face was just washed too.)

SO, for now, I am off to eat tapas and listen to dueling pianos.  Don't ask.

And another day went by without being at the studio-  but now that all my housewifery is taken care of for awhile, I am planning on vein there all week.   Write that in ink.

Today we have a couple of guys who do odd things with string.  First is Hottea who strings up tennis courts HERE:

  Minneapolis artist Eric Rieger aka HoTTea who works with miles and miles of yarn to create non-destructive street art installations. For Paid in Full he transformed this neglected tennis court into a giant translucent rainbow-like structure. Watch the video above to see it all come together and learn more about HoTTea.  Last week I learned the city and local community in Minneapolis enjoyed the piece so much that for the first time they began locking the tennis court at night to protect the artwork. So great! 

And next this guy deconstructs traditional serapis and uses the threads to make wall art.

But the oddest is this guy who stitches his hands with friends and family members faces:

Spanish artist david catá  uses his body as a canvas for writing an autobiographical diary. the performance cum-sculptural self-inflicted pieces that make up the series ‘a flor de piel’ are portraits of the faces of people who have left their mark on the artist’s life — family, friends, partners and teachers — sewn into the palm of his hand. ‘their lives have been interwoven with mine to build my history’ catá says, ‘every moment lived stays in the memory to finally be forgotten. 

Squirrels, back in the day, were much larger...  This led to the demise of the dinosaur that they hunted for dinner.  Without them for food, squirrels evolved to be much  smaller, grew luxurious fur, and became vegans.  True story-  you read it on the internets.

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