Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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BEFORE I GET STARTED, IT'S SO IMPORTANT that we acknowledge Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Please remove your hats and earmuffs and face the nearest tree.  Hold a vigil until you see a squirrel, then call out your thanks for what ever it is they do.  Entertain dogs?  Eat leftover birdseed?  Provide laughs at their antics?  Keep the acorn crops under control?  YES, we thank you, Squirrels!

 we will now resume our regularly scheduled program

When nothing is sure, everything is possible.  Margaret Atwood

Whoa, I asked my friend to come visit and so far today I've left her to go to my endocrinologist, then to physical therapy, then to a vet appointment!  I am definitely the hostess with the leastest.  If I invite you, bring your own entertainment because I am crap at that.

 The vets are worried about Molly not healing, and next step is to visit the doggie dermatologist if we can't get this fixed in a week.   Since they scraped her wound to determine if the bacteria is back, she is bleeding all over so I did a little scissors work on an old DKNY tee shirt for her-  it's 'her' color.  She's been asleep since I brought her home.  Now it's time for my poor neglected friend, though she seems to be happier since we visited the knit store in between doc appointments...
Doggie playing dead in her new tee shirt-  she doesn't feel the design is sophisticated enough.  I think it just fine to keep the blood spots off the bed.

And we need a whole new medicine cabinet for one little dog.  

Another constant reminder about February 1-  Don't forget to check in for the first installment of a couple of free classes from an old art teacher.  I have lots of things to say, some of they you've heard numerous times, but other things just might be new. 
 I admit I am opinionated and prejudiced, but it's in a good way!  My biggest thought is EVERYBODY (yeah, you too) IS CREATIVE.  And if you say no, I'll prove you wrong.  Stay tuned, see you in a few short days-  I have to get my notes together.  
And a few other things.

Knitted Disections,  Emily Stoneking. Her Etsy line, which she calls aKNITomy, began with the dissected frog and has expanded to the other common dissections- earthworm, fetal pig, and lab rat, but also offers some items most of us (barring the CIA) will never get the chance to dissect- an alien autopsy, a bisected human head, and the Easter Bunny (filled with Easter eggs and plastic grass of course). Stoneking says, “I love the idea of making something that is so icky out of something so cuddly and cozy.”

  Cecelia Webber‘s collage work features tessellated figures and limbs of the human body arranged to form images of plants and animals. Webber photographs nude models – including herself – in various poses before she digitally edits the images, cutting and coloring them to form particular parts of the new image. The final product features different bodies and body parts posed in the same positions. Many of the pieces take months to finish, but the longest image – the rose – took her a year to complete because of how tricky the angles were to capture and arrange. Webber creates an image with such a high resolution that they can be printed up to 6 feet tall, a size that would make the tessellated bodies even more pronounced and captivating.

And because it's Squirrel Appreciation Day and I don't know of any actual festivals, I'm sending along another squirrel portrait today for your viewing pleasure:

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