Tuesday, March 11, 2014

contrabass gratify mettle

or me, either!

Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled.   Unknown 

A day of appointments that ran until 3 this afternoon.  I didn't get to the studio other than to run by and grab my embroidery thread notebooks.  I was appalled when I opened it and had just been stuffing new skeins in as I acquired them, not winding them on their little spindles like the OCD person I can be.  Anyway, the first one produced a lump pot knots I took the rest of the meeting to untie.  I was able to do 4 more before lunch, hardly ripping through the mess!  I had high hopes for this, now have lost my steam.
Tomorrow I have most of the day but have to help out Susan with a dropped stitch on her sweater-  will try to line her up for first thing ion the morning.  TY is headed to the Hard Rock in Ft, Lauderdale with his uncle who loves the place.  I don't get it, but then, I don't have to.  We have to be home by 3 because our architect is coming over- we'll see how that goes.
This week is Member-Guest week here and the place is crawling with extra people.  It will be good to hibernate for the day.  And we are going out for dinner on top of that.

Want to see some goodies?

Love the ironic juxtaposition and obliviousness of Seckler’s subjects.  They reminded me that the joy and fun in life is still all around,To see more of Zack Seckler’s work, please go visit his website.

Yes. I really really want to dangle myself from one of those pretty french balconies… from the safety of the floor! Leandro Erlich is an amazing installation artist from Argentina. I may have to post about him again next week because there is just so much insanely amazing stuff in his portfolio… but for today, let’s concentrate on this beauty, shall we? This work, titled Bâtiment, is not new {2004 I believe} but I’m still in complete awe. This facade was placed on the floor {at a group show in Paris}, with a huge mirror positioned above it at a 45 degree angle resulting in this gorgeous/death defying illusion! 

A couple more things about squirrels available on Etsy when you google squirrels:  OK, so things are slow around here-
squirrel fingerless gloves for texting your squarely pals

cute little squirrel onesie, personalized if your name is Brendan

a wee squirrel bone pendant-ized.  And you think I'm strange...

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