Thursday, April 17, 2014

bonaventure tipperary trinidad

Today I am not feeling too well, Thai food didn't even tempt me last night, so instead of showing you arty stuff, I have a bunch of JUMPIN' videos.  This sure makes ME feel better, hope it entertains you too, at least for a few minutes.  You may get bored in some of them, some may have really loud audio-  proceed with caution, and move right along through the ones you can laugh with and be amazed!

And finally, a way to never have to jump again (should you be asked):

(I hereby promise to put 'The Lost' in mothballs.  Thanks of the comments.  I'll stay away from this subject matter for awhile and concentrate on sunny and upbeat whether that's what happening or not.  Remember first that I AM a happy person.)  Now, go JUMP!

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Sharon Buck said...

way entertaining!