Thursday, July 17, 2014

avoidance bridal embargo

Simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon – it is the very heart of painting. Repeated experiments with adjacent colors will show that any ground subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries and therefore influences. (Josef Albers)

Nothing much going on, two more hexagons done but I'm still behind quota.  The crew who repairs arid systems was here today driving Molly berserk, and in turn me.  I just hate barking continually.  I don't get it-  she didn't bark at all a few days ago with the guy lying on the floor fixing my refrigerator but these guys on ladders had her going like they broke in!  Off to walk the critters and then get changed to meet Ty for dinner-  I've actually cooked three nights running and deserve somebody else's efforts tonight.   I really need to get out-  the Maylasian airliner went down today and I have to get away from the constant coverage of (so far) nothing but that fact I just said in one sentence.  

I was able to get my friend to break into my house in Florida and get my passport so the Canadian trip just might happen (IF the passport is still valid!  I haven't mentioned my concern about this to TY yet, best not to until I know. I know I'm  due for renewal soon, just hope for me that it lasts through August!)  

Today I'm introducing James Victore to you with a list of concerns mostly relating to typography since he's in advertising and marketing.  But I've found they are points we all need-  just substitute 'quilts' where you need to-

Wowzer...Yarn Bombing Helsinki, Granny Square Afghans on the steps outside Helsinki Cathedral, Finland.  Imagine the run when it's time to take it down!  All those grannies knocking each other asunder trying to grab their squares!  Stay out of Helsinki for awhile.

Augusto Esquivel arranges random buttons into portraits.  From his website:  I realize how insignificant and small a simple sewing button can be as it lays in my grandmother’s sewing box, but at the same time how unique and precious it can become as part of a work of art. Like an atom in a molecule, each button serves and shapes the whole. I hold the button to my ear and it whispers to me, “I want to be…..”

How to embellish just about anything-  by adding crystallization!   Once again the formula used is 3 tablespoons 20 Mule Team Borax (available in any supermarket) to one cup boiling water. Stir to create a supersaturated solution, immerse your object, and walk away. You'll have stunning crystals in less than a day.  The longer you leave it in solution, the larger the crystals grow.

Here we have 'Biscuit' on his skateboard.  He looks a bit concerned here, hope he gained some confidence over time and his training hand (wheels?) was able to let go.  Maybe he is the first skateboarding squirrel on the planet!  You saw him here first.  (Poor little guy, doesn't really know why he's expected to ride a skateboard...)

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

"avoidance bridal embargo"

This might just be one of the best blog post titles in the entire blogging universe. At least, it made me laugh quite a bit.

I was a lucky participant in James Victore's first Take This Job and Love It seminar in NYC and although I was the shortest there and definitely the only quilter there, I was made part of the group. Here's a picture of us striking the power pose at the end of a long, exhilarating day: