Wednesday, July 02, 2014

curtis exodus recursion

(phew, quote enough for one day!)
What a concept-  listening!

I've seen several of these special view assemblages and they never fail to amuse me-  can't imagine the vision the artist had when he started grabbing materials!

SO, I started thinking of optical illusions and came up with a  few I found pretty fascinating.  Like I don't have anything else I should be doing.

If you missed it the other day, here's a whole bunch of illusions all wrapped into one video.  Turn the sound off if it isn't your thing and just watch the transitions-  very cool.

A photographer lines up his shot very carefully.

A tattoo artist with a sense of patterning.

Claimed to be a fraud, you can see how shadow images can fool the audience.

A continuous painted line seen from the front, and also from a step to the side.

Two portraits at once, accordion style, viewable from either side.

Escher was a master of illusion, the Illusion-Daddy if you will.

Of course we can't leave Beever out with his amazing sidewalk art, all done on flat surfaces.

Another drawing that appears to be concentric circles on a flat plane, until you step to one side and see nothing lines up.

So, after that you still need squirrels?  OK, OK:
Watch the night sky for this guy, coming in a few hours.

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