Friday, July 11, 2014

lest bootlegged combinatoric

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Picasso.

I finally got to do something *I* wanted to do today!  TY is in a golf tournament all weekend so I got some time off AND the garage door opener (long story-  we only have one, it's not the batteries, so if he leaves with the opener I am trapped unless I run THROUGH the garage door in frustration.  Today he left it for me- we will get a new one Monday).  So my friend Lisa came and fetched me and off we went to the MFA where she humored me by seeing the Pilgrim Roy quilt show even though it was  repeat for her.  

I was really blown away by the displays-  the opening scene as you enter was dazzling with color (and also the herd of ladies who looked like they all shopped at the same store for their left shoulder totes, Birkenstocks, and cut off pants, but I as usual digress):
Nice, eh?  They simply glowed on the dark wall.

This one was tied (on wool I believe) but I loved the simple design.  Not necessarily my favorite but this and the next image are the only ones I could get close enough to-  and that lady jumped into the shot at the last second on the spiderweb piece!  Drat.

 The really interesting thing was how each grouping was paired with a contemporary artist, like Vasereli or Albers or like these Sol LeWitt woodcuts to illustrate how the designs cross mediums.

The big deal at the Museum this season is their exhibit on the Magna Carta so we felt it out duty to see it while there.  Plus it was just outside the quilt exhibit (after negotiating the EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (See Banksy movie if you don't know what I'm talking about!)  So, yeah, I saw it.  It was on real parchment, covered in the most amazing small script you could imagine, absolutely unreadable.  It had fold lines like it had been in somebody's pocket for generations, and there was a test strip of blue fabric to see how much damage the light was doing through the exhibit.  Obviously no photos allowed in there.  
We stopped at the restaurant where I got chicken livers on caramelized onions for lunch-  the meal somewhat marred by the waiter dropping a whole tray of full beer bottles next to my seat on the granite floor.  And my friend stopped me from breaking off a branch of the 2 story Chihuly sculpture.  I don't particularly like it, felt like it needed a bit of wabi-sabi.  But I didn't get arrested so obviously Lisa kept me in check.  

So see?  I finally did manage to get a real art day!  I feel better.

Meanwhile there is another quilt exhibit of the Masters that Bob Shaw mentioned yesterday, down in Brockton at the Fuller Craft Museum.  So that's my next trip out.  I usually am not at all interested in quilt shows, however when they are in such iconic museums I feel like I must go out of solidarity (!).  I also feel like I should get to Bloomingdales out of a lack of solidarity to buy something different from 'the ladies' who go to these things.  High heels would probably be enough of a costume change since everybody else has defaulted to comfort.  We'll see.

Agustina Woodgate:  This site-specific street installation (Miami) is inspired by the ancient popular street game, except this one is hundreds of numbers long. The expanded game reminds us of our innocence while exhausting as our urban surroundings. Hopscotch exists for the streets, transforming monotonous sidewalks into daily playgrounds. The original hopscotch courts were over 100 feet long. Roman foot soldiers ran the course in full armor and field packs, and it was thought that Hopscotch would improve their foot work. Roman children imitated the soldiers by drawing their own boards, and creating a scoring system, and "Hopscotch" spread through Europe, Asia, and quickly across the globe.

Chris told me about another amazingly choreographed video from these guys-  I know how hard it is to get just my two dogs in sync, and I'm not juggling paint cans while I do it!  Enjoy---

I know Chris likes these guys as much as I do, so this is for her along with more wishes for speedy successful recovery.  Please send thoughts her way (aim north!)

Triple Assault

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real nice, eh. Have you been influenced by Canadians when you are up north, eh? That is our national eh, eh.
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