Sunday, August 03, 2014

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Really good advice from my college hero, Kurt

While working on one piece, another concept often emerges, and it is this constant, stimulating flow that causes my work to evolve. (B. J. Adams)

This morning I got dragged to the Ancestral Armenian Church for a memorial service for my MIL and TY's aunt.  I loved both of them very much and think of them every day in one way or another but geesh, we sat there for 2 hours of Armenian.  The old priest was my MIL's favorite and it was nice he could do this service but... he forgot to mention her name at one point.  I thought I would fall over on my face in a coma-  it's really hard to not understand a single work or even know when I'm supposed to stand, sit, kneel, recite, or sing!  Well, I know Im not supposed to sing-  I've been warned about that since I was a tyke.   I opted out of the troop to the  graveyard, but TY went to the luncheon.    I don't do well with these kind of services, prefer to remember people in my own way, on my own time and not be forced into  'anniversaries' like this.  I'm not much of an organized religion gal to start with, but it's pretty easy not to be when it's in a different language.  There I said it.  TY says I am a heathen.  Guess he's right, but I'm still a nice person (sometimes).

More really good advice from James Victore-  he is talking typography in this series of 'rules' but they can be applied to anything-  just substitute 'textiles' for 'type' when you read  and THINK about them!

Philadelphia artist Amber Cowan creates her magical sculptures from a process of flameworking, blowing, and hot-sculpting thrifted American pressed glass.  The most amazing form of creative upcycling!  With its tightly bunched flora and peek-a-boo fauna, Cowan’s work takes on a wonderfully gothic, fairy tail-like effect, like intricate illustrations come to life.
To see more of Amber Cowan‘s work, please visit her website.

Van Gogh sited at Disney World

Dating back to the mid-15th century and still used today, tarot cards began as a card game and progressed to map mental and spiritual pathways for mystics and psychics. The Major Arcana (trump cards) are based on “elite ideology in the Italian courts of the 15th century,” which many modern mystics are unfamiliar with. In this fun project by Giulia Pex these cards are revisited, as real people reveal the personalities of each character. In her signature photography/illustration combo, she re-imagines the major arcana cards.

A little Barking Squirrel Lager to end the weekend!

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deemallon said...

great post! the funeral description is really quite funny, and will follow up on the Tarot link. recently gave a collection of Vonnegut's graduation speeches to my graduating son. gobbled them up. how could he be so funny and so wise at the same time?!