Thursday, August 28, 2014

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The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it's considered to be your style. (Fred Astaire)

Right before we left for out trip I got word that 'Call Me Al' was accepted into 'Piecing Together a Changing Planet', a Florida SAQA show traveling around for a couple of years to a list of National Parks.  I was thrilled because my resume lately as been thin-  I really want to pay more attention to getting into some shows this year.  So far, so good!  The opening is December 7th in Biscayne National Park-  the weekend of Art Basel Miami!  That forces me down there to see it for the first time!  We have friends who have invited us and I can add this on to the weekend!  
TY is a bit disappointed as he loves this quilt and wants to actually hang it IN OUR HOUSE- not something that has happened in my (almost) 45 years of quilting!  Now he will have to wait a few years!  Heh heh.

We left Quebec City yesterday morning, a day early.  My legs were screaming from the cobblestone streets and steep hills and I flat out refused to walk up again for the third time that day.  There is a Funicular but I still had to walk up 1/3 of the hill to reach the beginning, then it only went another 1/3rd and there we were climbing again!  It was fun the first couple of times but got kind of old as my Achilles tendons shortened right up!  I hadn't come prepared with the right kind of shoes, too flat and too thin so I could feel every rock!  Like walking in socks.

Anyway, after about an hour o the road I heard from the vet where I left Molly and she was sick, hadn't eaten for three days, her insulin levels were all over the place so they were messing with it, and she was losing weight.  SO HAPPY I WAS ALREADY ON THE ROAD!  Hours later we retrieved both dogs from their respective kennels and both were pooping like crazy.  I got these dogs who 'wouldn't eat' home and they both scarfed up a bowl of food-  in fact Molly pushed Pepper away from his dish and ate his too.  I'm on a every-two-hour walk schedule today to 'see what comes out' but so far both are doing much better.  Can't wait to get back to their regular vet and boarding place.  They were both just over- stressed apparently.

Our AC went kerplunk sometime while we were gone, of course it's in the 90's today and the guy can't come until tomorrow.  (Did I mention my windows don't open???)  Our smoke alarms picked about 2 AM to start chirping that they need replacement batteries, and we are out of most paper products we have come to rely on.  Had to shop this morning.  And I have my own stress-stomach ache from the blast home-  7 hours is a long time!  Taking care of everybody today, including myself.  Of course 'Cook' and 'Maid' haven't shown up.
Oh.  That would be me.

I've got a backlog of graffiti from around the world, seems like I am attracted to it for the spontaneous ideas and quick work it takes to be successful:

 Here’s few fun pieces by UK street artist JPS who creates small and lage-scale stencil works, paintings, and installations in urban areas. While most of his work seems greatly influenced by pop culture icons, horror movie characters, and comic book heroes, I tend to enjoy these one-off pieces a bit more. You can see more over on his Facebook page.

Portuguese street artist ODEITH, an innovator known for his technical ability to trick viewers into seeing his work float in mid-air, creates mind-bending anamorphic graffiti on the walls of abandoned buildings. Playing with light and shadow, Odeith spray paints his signature style letters on various surfaces, creating a distorted perspective that requires the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.

Graffiti in warehouse before demo:
Where were these guys when I was teaching art???  Love the energy!

That calls for a sedate, yes, a traditional squirrel, a conservative squirrel-statement!  Eh?
HA-  I didn't tell you his one flies...

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