Sunday, August 24, 2014

til descriptor caruso

“I’m not vain, I’m insecure.”    ~ Mariah Carey, b. 27 March 1970

Spent the morning getting yelled at by summer a job kid while we watched the goat help perform changing of the guard ceremony.  Yeah, it was hot, standing in blazing sun watching the guys in their beaver hats do maneuvers.  After about 30 minutes I had to get out of the sun or be a casualty of the Canadian 22nd Battalion, so I wandered over to a memorial grove with three big statues to heroes, and a set of maybe ten steps going up to a cross with info on soldiers to be remembered.  I was standing at the foot of the steps in a tiny patch of shade doing nothing but looking straight forward out to the parade ground and this 20 something summer job guy in red tee shirt told me I was being DISRESPECTFUL to the MILITARY and had to move.  I said no I wasn't I was merely standing in the shade, hadn't touched a thing, and he pointed to the cross way up the steps like I was putting my chewing gum on it or something.  Told me I had to go around the whole ceremonial field and stand under a tree over on the other side-  there was a sapling that looked like it felt worse than I did.  So I went inside to the ticket counter and waited there for TY, pouting and hot.  
But, back to the goat.  Halfway through the marching and maneuvers, which I truly think quite outdated and ridiculous (not being much for ceremonies of any kind!), a guy in his beaver hat and red coat marched a goat out to the field.  The goat was quite obedient, trotted right alongside him and they announced that the 'GOAT MAJOR' was in charge of the goat.  The goat had his horns painted bright gold.  But now, my full attentions are back on the GOAT MAJOR--  how does one apply for and get this honor?  Who does he sleep with?  The possibility is hanging heavy in the air.  Needless to say I was not impressed with the 22nd brigade who seem to have only been reactivated because there were soldiers who wanted to only belong to a French speaking army.  The goat?  Who knows what he speaks.  Is he the major or is the guy the major?  
I mean no disrespect to my Canadian friends, I love Canada too, but good grief...  *NOW* I AM being disrespectful to the Military-  they earned it and I admit it.  Before, over by the memorial I wasn't at all.  I'll probably be held at the border.
Here's the freaking cruise ship taking up my part of the St. Lawrence!  Actually while I was writing this I glanced out the window and it had slid on out without me realizing it, so now I can see the water again over the cute patio.

 I saw wolf pelts in so many windows-  I'm no longer much used to seeing fur and it was kind of a shock-  the other side of the building had three pelts hanging out, two gray, one black.  These didn't make me very happy-  I am a fan of the wolf, having fond memories of hearing them at night and even going on a midnight wolf howl.  Truth be told I do still have a coyote pelt I had made from a coat years ago.  Keeps my dogs on their toes.
And a bunch of GIANT pigeons.  See the people sitting around them?
I know, I am bitching a lot but in actuality we are having a wonderful time.  We spent yesterday afternoon at a friend's lake house outside of the city and they came back in and ate with us at our hotel, a lovely day.  Today we walked and walked, it seemed all up hill, but saw a lot and covered a lot of territory. Tomorrow we are going for a long drive on the island and to the art museum.

Our specialty du jour is portraits, or maybe better, it's faces:

 Chinese artist Ah Xian lives and works in Sydney where for nearly two decades he has explored aspects of the human form using ancient Chinese craft methods including porcelain, lacquer, jase, bronze, and even concrete. The artist often uses busts of his own family members including his wife, brother, and father onto which he imprints traditional designs with a vivid cobalt blue glaze. Via Asia Society:

Directly stolen from Terry Grant because I think it's funny-  exactly how I talk to my machine tech:

French paper artist Junior Fritz Jacquet created this fantastic series of weird masks made from toilet paper rolls. Inspired by the craft of origami, each mask is made from a single paper roll which is folded and squished into an expressive face. The pieces are then finished with a coat of shellac and different pigments. 

Leaving no cat without a hat

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