Wednesday, October 29, 2014

brushwork albeit cicero

Today was my Stitch group, always a nice way to spend a Tuesday morning.  We basically just sit around a big table and do knitting or needlepoint, or whatever we are working on. Nice to hear the gossip and the people slide down from the northeast for the season.  Things are poppin' already, the traffic is getting thick and the stores are full again.  I really love summer down here when you can get around so easily.

We got our house photographs today but the realtor isn't happy with them so I now have to go through the place AGAIN hiding things, clearing surfaces, polishing up.  TY will be out of town so I will be able to make it look good in no time without his shoes by the door and his newspapers on the tables.  I will stash the doggies in the studio again, air condition them and give them a peanut butter kong-  they will never know I'm gone.  I do hate to leave them because IF they decide to bark, I have offices on both sides they will bother.  

I took a break from the studio today, a break from dealing with Comcast and Apple and my own OCD electronic anxieties.  It absolutely frosts me I can't figure this out, but my latest is, since the modem keeps kicking out unexpectedly, it's either the cable into my modem OR perhaps the electric line.  SOMETHING is phasing in and out and turning off the modem.  I have every expectation my brand new Airport is fine but it's not getting the signal it should.  Anyway I will be back there tomorrow and fiddling more with it.  
 amazing 'helper' dogs retrieving a ball from the pool

mad dogs out in the noonday sun, Englishwoman inside taking pictures of dogs too dumb to come inside.  Note-  four steps to their left is a pool but they are SCARED of it.  Sigh.

 Spanish street artist Pejac recently took a trip to Istanbul, using his time there to give the city a few new windows (in his own illusory street art style of course). His work fits seamlessly into the local architecture and would probably be missed if they weren’t so interesting and different. While in the ancient city, he created a piece that looks like a keyhole, a gothic arched window, and a tiny window with massive wooden shutters.

A selfie is a shot of one’s self, yes, but it is characterized by the blatant self-importance of it, the self-promotion, the self-self-self. It is, generally, a tactless and shameless documentation of ME. The only statement being made, if any, is a call for attention. We have only recently, as a society, begun to feel comfortable enough to do something once considered impolite or, selfish. While art could easily be argued to be some of these things, such as egomaniacal (and this would be an eternally long argument), you could hardly consider a conceptual portrait to be in the same ballpark, or game, as a selfie.Finland-based artist Iiu Susiraja  work is not an anti-selfie, it is simply art. If we compare her work with a generic selfie, there are some major differences in intention, audience, and presentation. What is the intention behind the piece; is the artist working as a medium to transmitting a message that reaches beyond the mere documentation of her own existence, or is it tepid self-promotion? 

Get that squirrel out of here!  Run down your little Lego steps, squirrel, run!

Whew, a Squirrel Journal (from C&B) for him to write down his adventures.  A squirrel on a bike.  Like that would happen...

Oh, how wrong I can be.

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