Sunday, November 02, 2014

warmth chairperson bawl

“You just keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made. But I just kept pushing.”
~ René Descartes, b. 31 March 1596

TY is still out of town so I made plans to go to Rocco's Tacos last night since he isn't a fan and I'm an UBER fan.  I had a Mexican Mojito, a huge tub of guacamole, and pork tacos that included pork belly, roasted pork, bacon, and pulled pork-  the most spectacular pork-fest!  I could barely walk out of there, more of a waddle, but OMG, it was fabulous. Haven't been there in a long time, and I will make sure it isn't too much more time before I return.  TY is on the plane now coming back-  his golf trip was a bust because it was so cold and windy in ATL that they couldn't even go out yesterday.  Pity.  

I got busy and didn't make it to the studio yesterday, but will do a fly-by today because I have a little moth in my brain telling me what I need to start working on.  Plus there are twenty projects in progress now that I have to clear up before I actually get at it.  But today I need to do some preliminary sketch ideas before I forget the plan!  

Then I have to buy a chicken.  

And here we go with House News!

I got quite a surprise yesterday morning as I drove by so jumped out and snapped a few pictures-  I know it might be excessive excitement over a porta-potty  but I truly have never had my own before, nor a slab ready for cement!  You're going to be seeing a whole lot more of this as we go along, I hope to limit it to the more exciting parts, but I can barely contain myself over ANY progress after 6 months of planning.  
I guess it's not time to worry about wallpaper and toilet roll holders yet, but at least I can see it in my future.

To change the subject to something you came here for---

First off, I'm sure you all are aware of Mister Finch, aren't you?  He does amazing fabric birds, animals, and insects that populate his own menagerie of fairytale oddities.  Do go look-  but the news is he now has a book
available here on Amazon.  I haven't seen it yet but judging only from his website I think it is going to be a necessity to continue in a happy life!  I hope somebody gives it to me- probably should start a Kickstarter program...

Perhaps James Charles will lend me some of these!

In the series ‘American Iconomics’, artist James Charles uses dollar bills as his canvas and transforms the portraits of presidents into the images of pop culture characters. Using materials and ink that perfectly match what the US Mint uses, he intricately changes the features of each face, such that it totally becomes something else.

(almost a squirrel post)
(found on Humans of New York)

"People call themselves animal lovers, then let their dogs chase the squirrels. You're scaring the shit out of the squirrels, you schmuck!"

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Rayna said...

I love Rocco's Tacos, too. Meet 'ya there for lunch (or dinner) one night when I'm in WPB. Be there from end Dec to end March, so we should be able to squeeze in a visit or two.