Friday, December 26, 2014

blanket civil cuprous

 "Style is what you're doing wrong." Bert Oudendag 

Well, she said, dusting her hands 
and wiping them on her jeans, 'That Is That!'  Another Christmas over the bridge, now back to life.  So she went forth and hit the studio at 9, not to emerge until way into the afternoon, only because she needeth sustenance.  
And to feed the livestock in the barns, and the man in tho house.

                                                                                                      Apple Pie
  Boereg, and Pear Pie (below)
OK, I had apiece of leftover pie for breakfast, I admit.  But then I got out of Dodge.

Next on my agenda, thanks for identifying the Seinfeld's and Constanza's gated community in Florida!  I had asked on Facebook and was ignored, thought I'd just throw it out here and received FIVE answers.  Thanks so much!  And the name is  (drumroll)

And so that is the name for the latest quilt.  I sewed on it all day long, my fingers are bloody and I had to stop of stain it where I couldn't hide the blood. I went around the outside of the circle three courses, but had to stop.  I am pulling out pins as I go-  I had used a whole box of them holding all the lace in place, until I ran out and was forced to actually do some sewing..  I just hope that my machine doesn't discover them before I do-  but I am thinking that this will be all hand appliqué.  We'll see how it's going around deadline time.   But taking out so many pins as I sewed got it sturdier and I could actually stick it on my wall and step back.  I'll head back in tomorrow to see how it looks in the morning, take it down and continue going around and around sticking things down more permanently.  Wish me luck.  Or better, wish me that it will hang flat when I get it backed.  Thank yew.

Last weekend at Art Basel Miami I saw two fiber pieces, well I saw a bunch more but they were all shaped like child sized Joe Paluka blow-up punching bags with the guy's family's faces ink-jetted on... and I thought *I* had issues...  Anyway, back to these hanging things for you to contemplate.  (BTW, the images came from Joanne Mattera's blog which is my first go-to for all things Art Basel)

Rosemary Trock

(from Wikipedia)  Rosemarie Trockel (born 13 November 1952) is a German artist and an important figure in international contemporary art. She lives and works in Cologne, and teaches at the Kunstakademie DüsseldorfWool has been considered one of Trockel’s signature materials since she first utilized the medium to create a series of machine-knit wool works in the 1980s. Trockel's "knitting pictures", produced in 1985, consist of lengths of machine-knitted, woolen material stretched onto frames. The material is patterned with computer-generated geometrical motifs, or with recognizable logos, such as the hammer and sickle motif of the Soviet Union superimposed on a background of red and white stripes reminiscent of the US flag. I See Darkness(2011) is one of the wool series for which Trockel is best known. Black yarn is stretched across a square of white perspex in vertical lines which, from far away, create the illusion of a monochrome painting. More recent wool paintings feature bold horizontal and vertical stripes of color as well as monochromatic compositions, with clear references to the formal compositions of twentieth century abstract painting.

Pascale Marthine Tayou 

I find his website difficult to navigate, perhaps you will make more sense of it.

But let's have a little discussion on materials and craftsmanship, shall we?  No?  OK.  This pretty much makes me nuts, probably my home-ec mom gritting her teeth as she looks over my shoulder.  Yeah, my mom has been dead a long time but she still visits me when something isn't right-  a seam that's crooked, a gap here or there, a shoddy finish.  And I too know it's not right, just always think maybe she won't see it.  But she does and can hear her mouth tighten so as not to criticize me.  Sigh.
Yup, she's clicking now because I mentioned her.  Double sigh.  I just told her I'd publish pictures of her on the blog if she doesn't stop silently judging, that should do it.

You have got to love this little doorstop squirrel.  I found him by accident and forgot to note anything about him. But I'll pay attention him if I see him again
It looks like he's putting on lipstick.

And now we are on the New Years Count Down, another night to avoid  but this year we have a party to attend.  Amateur night.  I would rather stay home, but TY thinks I will GROW OUT of being an introvert so he forges ahead dragging me by my ear.

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Susan said...

I agree with Mum. It is - in my humble - a piece of crap, but I wasn't arty enough to understand the web site either.
The phylo looks marvellous, btw.