Saturday, January 31, 2015

chemisorption oratoric breast

and I licked paint brushes too

"Ars longa, vita brevis" "Art is long, life is short." (Hippocrates)

I got to the Cultural Council show today, it's down in Lake Worth and I'm very glad I went, it's all animals in art and the pieces were quite wonderful.  I am going to make a point of getting down there more often.  I had gone for a specific piece I had seen last summer and written to the artist, but wanted to see it in person before sending along a big fat check-  well, also I wanted to sell something so I could write said check!  And I knew this guys work would be in the show.  He does dogs, and this 7' tall piece has MY dogs or a reasonable facsimile.  Of course I loved it, took a picture and TY wasn't as enamored as I am- he wanted the artist to change the tails and make them long and fluffy.  Well, I am not going ask him to change it.  And it looks like I won't be getting it either.  

Meanwhile, back at Plywood Ranch~~~
Yesterday we got out insulation blown into the ceiling-  it helped 'contain' the gigantic silo-ceiling.

 Athens-based Fabulous Cat Papers offers a wide range of hand-made notebooks with embroidered Japanese paper covers featuring anatomical, floral, and geometric designs, all stitched by hand. What you see here is just a peek, see much more here

 New York artist Drew Conrad sources materials to build these eerie and beautifully disturbing structures that carry their mood with them. Using salvaged materials to complete these haunting renditions of exteriors and interiors long since passed, he constructs a narrative of loss and despair, or even of just the forgotten. These planks of wood articulate their own meaning of history and the viewer can’t help but get lost in the mood that surrounds one of Conrad’s shows.

Pale Male

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