Saturday, March 28, 2015

optimal receptacle hershel

from Sabina's studio

"To be free of fear is to be full of love." (Adyashanti)

 Hey, you crochet freaks-  try this!  The Golden Girls!  Amazing job, and there is a pattern available, so they say, HERE.  We all need the Golden Girl suite.

As I have been complaining about for weeks now, my battle of the ants continues.  The other day I threw down 4 little packages of ant poison, the kind where they walk through the little plastic box and pick up stuff on their feet and their feet and their feet, and take it back to the queen.  So I left the studio with the poison down for two days and went back on Day 3 to find just a half-hearted pile of debris around the refrigerator.  I swept it up and vacuumed all around and hope that the next visit won't show any evidence of their all-night partying.  I also have a strategically placed spray can of ant  repellant within reach if one shows his big black head while I'm there.  So MAYBE the problem is on it's way to being solved.  It is definitely cutting in to my studio time.  Plus I have to make sure all the ants in the vacuum are dead before I open it to empty!  Wish I had a maid...

Big doings on the house this past week-  the stucco and the moldings are maybe half up and I'm liking the lines of the place better.  I'm still frantically fingering paint chips as my final-final choice has to be in Monday or Tuesday.  Did I know there were so many damn whites?  Yeah, but I didn't think picking one would be an issue!  Basically I am picking it by it's name-  I prefer something called 'Buttercream' or 'Silken' to 'Ice', but that's just me.  The red for the laundry room is 'Raspberry Pudding'-  I actually don't care what the color turns out to be, I just want to know it's Raspberry Pudding!

I love Alex Sickling‘s ceramics so much! Based in Newcastle, UK, she creates one-of-a-kind objects with a playful and naive quality. The artist is available for custom orders and commissions. You can contact her through Etsy

A wee abandoned baby squirrel, so tiny!

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