Sunday, April 05, 2015

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some of my best heros-  I need this shirt!

A hen is only a egg’s way of making another egg.
—Samuel Butler, Life and Habit

Whew, Easter is over and it's back to work.  The house report is as follows-  we have the landscape plan in place, we have picked out paint colors, we have dealt with the vendors and now it's just a matter of waiting for the crews to show up and finish their work.  The drywall all went in and was finished on Friday.  This is it:
Front door

living room

living room ceiling

view from laundry through entire house to bedroom

TY's soundproof TV room

dining room

kitchen and pantry

opposite side of kitchen and lanai

entering bedroom


So, there ya go.  Needs some color, eh?  I don't know what comes next, maybe the plasterers and painters- every day is a surprise.  The problem is that we haven't gotten an offer yet on the other place, the one we have to sell so we can move.  Still time, but it's running out-  not too many look-loos come to Florida for the summers.  Too bad, because I love it here in the summer-  no hotter than Boston.  i do admit to a lot of rain and the occasional hurricane but that hasn't happened for 10 years now.  

Maybe this week I can get back into the studio and get involved in something,  I think there's another show I was eyeing to enter but don't even remember what it was.  I haven't been too productive in the studio this whole year with the house taking front stage.  First thing I have to do is to get the place shoveled out-  it's showing it's neglect.  And I think I have vanquished the ant population so I must empty out the carcasses from the vacuum and start over.  The circle of life and death:

Ant Colony Under Refrigerator * Sandy's Vacuum * Ant Bait * Sandy's Vacuum * Dead Ants * Last Vacuum/ Last Rites

In 1997 Vipoo Srivilasa moved from Thailand to Australia to undertake a Master of Fine Art and Design (Ceramics) at the University of Tasmania. He now lives and creates in Melbourne, but also travels back to Thailand often.  Vipoo works predominantly in ceramics but he also likes to explore other mediums such as animation and paper . Vipoo’s recent work has been concerned with the ideas of contemporary social, political and ethical issues as well as his experience living between two homes, Australia and Thailand.

Easter Bonnet

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