Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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'interesting???'  I don't think so.  Try despicable.

"Art lives from constraints and dies from freedom." (Leonardo Da Vinci)

I was able to get some dingle balls glued to the lampshades yesterday but for the most part I was trying to get my scanner and one of my printers to communicate with my aging balky computer.  Ya see, I have to re-license my dog and if I have PROOF OF AGE they knock a few bucks off.  So, since I haven't been asked for any proof in 50 years, I don't have much to send except my drivers license, thus the scan.  Took me about 5 tries and if you ever need a FL drivers license that is 8.5x11", ask me to do it for you.  Sigh.

Next was trying to fill out a Call of Entry for a local show coming up here but everything I tried to do was impossible, the questions were impossible, the payment was impossible and on and on.  I made copie=s fall the info and will take it with me back to Boston where I will try to figure out the next step.  I've never had problems entering any of the regular shows we enter but this one is convoluted-  it's a mixed media show put on by a local Art Center-  would take me 5 minutes to drive to it and give them a CD or hard copies, or cash!  Geesh.

Next I needed to print boarding passes because for some reason I can't get this boarding pass onto my phone App like I have before.  Tried and tried to no avail so printed out the passes and am ready to go.  Old school.  But to prove I am 'worthy' I will buy my coffee at Starbucks with that App.  Yes I can.  Yes I can.  

This is a SERIOUS bag-  I found it on a consignment website but simply cannot imagine carrying it around any more than carrying a real boombox or pushing a wheelbarrow.  I think it gets it's own seatbelt in your car.  Plunges beyond ironic right into stoopidity.  Yes, even with my shoes-and-bags problem this doesn't interest me other than the OMG factor.
Now, if you're looking for a present for me that I will never use, but keep in a glass cabinet, gimme this one-  sort of a ridiculous-to-sublime thing here.
About 5" across and about $5000.  This picture is as close as I'll ever get.  

New artist to me, and I'm in love!  Here are two different parts to his art, first IN a gallery, second, OUTSIDE.

Belgium-based ROA on the occasion of his solo in New York.  See the results of his hard work over the last month crafting and painting a new body of work entitled Metazoa. The show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s  529 West 20th Street location featured the prolific street artist’s familiar animal imagery painted on found objects with clever interactive panels or different point of views that highlight different anatomic systems in each of his subjects. 

Just before the NY show, ROA debuted at POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 with a double piece painted just outside of Lana Lane studios. Familiar with using architectural elements and obstacles wisely in his work, he made a great use of the corner wall he was painting on.  The creatures of choice for this mural was the nautilus and hermit crab, both native species of the Hawaiian islands.  The final image features the two shellfish embracing each other in what can be seen as a hug or a fight. Using rollers and spray cans, ROA left a very recognizable mark with this piece in the Kaka’ako district. 

And in my scrolling around I found another squirrel product here: 
Yes, you can buy it, but I can't remember where-  google it if you're nuts about it and don't have a peanut allergy.

Got a plane to catch and work to do.  See you all next time I can sign on, wherever that may be.

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