Wednesday, April 08, 2015

marmot adriatic crusty

BFH (that's what TY calls it) news-  they got all the joints taped yesterday and the place is swept out.  Also the tile goop got delivered and fills one entire garage door to the top-  don't know why they piled it all up in that line, seems that putting it IN the garage would have been easier since they can back their trucks right in.  Anyway, I don't know when that starts.  Today I have to finalize all the interior paint colors and that'a giving me a touch of anxiety-  last thing I need is to be repainting two story rooms or stairwells over again!  Thus, my next report just might be how I painted everything white.  (As if...)

Tomorrow I am headed down to Old Dixie Highway where the antique and consignment shops are cheek-to-jowl and I may just find something fabulous.  I've been checking out their websites though and most of what I see is of the Palm Beach style-  saturated pastels and lots of painted bamboo at inflated prices.  Coral, grass green, and Lily pink. Etregers up the wazoo.  I'll give it a try though-  several friends have had exceptional luck there but most are a lot preppier than I am, though admittedly it doesn't take much a move to be out of my taste zone.  I am calling it 'eclectic' because that covers a multitude of sins, one of which is my primitive teak alligator.  Another is my massive collection of mud cloth.  And the 20 rabbits unhappily swimming in a tank 7' photograph.  

And that folks, is exactly why I changed my major from interior design back in college.  If I have such a time pleasing ME, how in hell can I ever please somebody else?  

Off to the studio to finish up the lampshades, then to go look for some ribbon trim.  I just might have some things to show you by the end of the day.    

So, today lets talk about PATTERN.  I'm sticking to my favorite palette:

patternprints journal: PRINTS, PATTERNS, TEXTURES AND TEXTILE SURFACES FROM NEW YORK FASHION WEEK (WOMENSWEAR F/W 2015-16) / 6  Oh, how I love these things, dying just to see them up close and maybe touch 'em when nobody is looking!

  Oh look, she has red hair too!

Do you think I'll get an Apple Watch for mother's day?  Me either.
Tell them to stop sending me their ads.

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