Wednesday, May 27, 2015

birch prudent cotoneaster

"In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: They must be fit for it. They must not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it." (John Ruskin)

Found on etsy, I won't be buying it but you can if you want.

Is it ART or is it F'ART?  (Faux Art, my own contraction!)

A frequent characteristic of Matias Faldbakken’s work is the use of materials derived from the shipping or construction industries essential supports of trade and commerce, which he powerfully reintroduces into aesthetic discourse. A framed composition of flattened packing boxes, this work is part of his Box lithograph series which evolved out of an encounter with a Joseph Beuys’ work consisting of a framed olive oil box. Here, the artist interrogates the boundary between the precious, quasi-sacred quality of the art object and the disposable nature of its packaging.This photograph documents one of those installations by Faldbakken, who represented Norway in the 2005 Venice Biennial and has also been in the Whitney and Sydney biennials.   BTW, these lithographs are all $3254.  Each.  

Have you ever wondered what a modern day Bacchus would look like? Or where Hercules and Hera would make out if they lived in a city? Well now you get to visualize it thanks to the imagination and talent of Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov. In his series The Daily Life Of Gods, he has photoshopped different classical gods, nymphs, angels and cherubs into various settings and locations we are all familiar with in our age.

I got to spend a long time in the studio yesterday, achieved by leaving the house at 7!  Guess that's what I have to do these days.  I started the black and white X quilt sewing, got maybe 16 blocks made, but predictably I am not bored with it so I have to figure out how to proceed to keep myself interested.  I am thinking all these X blocks with two insets will just be one row in the quilt and Ill make other sets with different numbers of insets for additional rows.  Or I will vary the width of the insets.  Or I will use some striped fabrics and make the insets look broken.  Anyway my ideas have been marinating all night and I'm anxious to return, just waiting for my phone to charge before I take off.  I wanted to do a Modern Quilt to use on my bed, but before I got two blocks cut I knew it isn't possible for me.  Not in my DNA.  Minimal ain't part of my conversation!  Oh well.  
Step #1, with lots more to come.:
I am having a hard time keeping crosses out and staying with X's.  Also, these were slapped to the wall in the order I finished them so there's no order yet.  Don't judge!!!  

Sorry Jack, I don't think it will happen here.

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