Thursday, June 18, 2015

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“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” 

What could you use this for other than Squirrel Stew?

I had to drop Molly off at the vets for her glucose curve again today-  at 7:30 AM, so I just kept going and went to the studio-  I never get there that early but the woman next door was there already.  She was also there on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning.  Yup, I am thinking she must be living there but I'm not gonna rat her out-  I LIKE having somebody there when I go at odd times.  Not that an 100# girl who doesn't speak any English would ward off marauders, but at least it's a light next door.
I did manage to get a bit done before I had to leave for my appointment with the cabinet guy at 1.  I added four more slashes, a couple of more borders and got the other side ready for four more slashes which I will commit  add tomorrow at some point.  I am getting anxious to get this thing behind me, but I did start something new today in-between slashing!  Yea, me.  I bought a rusted wall piece made from a steel drum from the consignment shop.  First thing I did was try to move the rust off of it and onto am old Ralph Lauren sheet but it took days of spraying and wrapping and still it wasn't too successful because I couldn't keep tight contact.  But anyway, I have a rusted piece of cloth and now I need Step 2 added to it.  I copied the metal cut work onto tracing paper and will transfer it to the fabric to add embroidery on a very slow basis-  Voila, something to work on at home and other places like planes.  I don't know what it really is but I am making it into a Tree of Life.
The Stuff of Nightmares.

Art time!  

Inspired by forms of vegetation, Spanish artist Alberto Bustos' pieces appear like blades of grass sprouting from the earth, stretching and curling upwards towards an imagined sun. At first glance the pieces look delicate enough to be paper, layered works that exude a dual sharp and fragile quality. However, after a closer inspection one can see that the works are indeed porcelain, adding another dimension to their soft initial appearance.

What does one do when one sees a perfect Van Gogh lookalike on the subway one day?  Why, one makes a video, of course!  These are very short, you will love them.  And subscribe to the YouTube channel because there are more coming!

Or, if you have lots of time, here's the Full Story of Van Gogh (an hour long!)

Finally, here is Part 3 of the reasons you need an outside studio.  See yesterday and the day before's blogs for Parts 1 and 2:
3. You’ll end up “training” your brain to be creativeDid you know that you can train your brain to be productive at specific times of the day? Focus and creativity can be turned into habits just like remembering to get up, brush your teeth, eat dinner and go to bed.The same holds true for spaces. It’s a continuation of the “switching gears” theme we just talked about. If you make a habit out of going to a separate space to work—especially if it is a specific place—you can train your brain into habitually thinking “when I’m in this space, I need to focus on X.”

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