Tuesday, June 23, 2015

astor pore area

A work of art is the child of its time: each period produces an art of its own, which cannot be repeated -- Wassily Kandinsky

A teensy squirrel stamp

It was mid 90's today, broke some heat records for the state, not something I am happy to participate in, actually.  When the valet brought our cars around he got out of the first one and announced it was 109 inside.  Really made me want to drive anywhere!  I was up at 4:30 with the dog again, she just can't make it through the night any more, poor thing.  We got out to the street and all the sprinklers were going so we all got soaked.  Needless to say that didn't start my morning in a good way.

I had my stitch group and got a bit more done on my knitting-  the group has pretty much declined to 4 of us, soon to lose another one, but I keep going because it's my only human contact on a weekly basis.  I had intended to get to the studio after that but swung by the house and went in to see what's going on today-  a guy was putting up door trim with all the huge saws in my living room.  There was another guy up on a big ladder white washing the ceilings in the lanai and entry, and the day boss was eating his lunch on my fancy new steps.  The AC was cranking away but the temperature inside was only a few degrees cooler than outside.  I went home, but within 15 minutes got a call to come arbitrate 'a problem'.  Seems the sinks add too much height to the vanities in the bathroom so we have to shave off all the top drawers.

I went home again.  But got called again at 3 to come look at the pool size which had been spray painted into the sand and gravel pit that's my future yard.  This time TY came too and for once he was happy.  At this time they also needed me to delineate the wood paneling for the dining room.  Done.  'About 'so' big', 'maybe here and here' and 'you decide, I don't care', and I was outta there yet again.  And that dear reader is why I don't get to the studio.

Tomorrow I need to go.  And I will tell you the plan for finishing the Big Slasher off.

Today the theme is green here in arty central! I found some pretty amazing photographs of spooky green things like this:

A picturesque village in China’s Shengsi islands, population zero. This place nestled by the mouth of the Yangtze River used to be a thriving fishing village, but over time residents abandoned the area and Mother Nature took over. more

Nanning-based photographer Tang Yuhong explored the village recently and came back with some mesmerizing photographs of his trip. The village looks like a movie set with its incredible greenery and cobbled stone laneways – a beautiful contrast to the bustling streets of China we’re used to seeing in travel photos.

Oskar Zapirain's photographs capture eerie forests cast in thick fog, hazy light descending upon the foliage in the same green shade that blankets the floor in moss. Zapirain focuses on a beech forest in Northern Spain, pruned for generations for charcoal production. The continuous pruning caused the trees to grow into unexpected shapes, their long branches reaching through the fog like ghostly limbs.

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