Saturday, June 27, 2015

balk audible chili

People have tried and tried,
 but sex is not better than sweet corn. -- Garrison Keillor

OK, I am procrastinating again!  I went over to the house this morning to grab a few measurements because I found some wallpaper I really like.  I contacted the company and the gal answered me this morning and will send samples-  there were three I really love and would work.  Hope I get them soon.  Also I called the furniture repair place yesterday and they are coming to get my things that need attention-  four rickety dining chairs, a stool that TY snapped the stretcher from the other day, and the ornate hall table that is transitioning into a bathroom vessel sink stand as soon as I can get it painted and tarted up.  Silver is the request.  So they are coming to fetch my stuff Monday.

I've got a pot of red and yellow peppers softening with an onion and garlic on the stove, low and slow as they say, so I can't leave just yet.  I had a slew of peppers left over from using them as little holders for hummus and tabouli the other night, so I rinsed them out and am making some pepper sauce.  It smells divine, so there's dinner tonight- and probably tomorrow and three days into next week!

Yesterday at the studio I got tired of sewing more squares to more squares and sticking strips in between.  I got enough finished that I could put them on the wall and it's working, just not much fun to do.  As soon as I get each edge done and attached I'll start in slashing some more.  I did buy backing fabric and I'm still hoping some nice lady with a long arm offers to accept my money and forever gratitude!  Yeah, I know, it ain't gonna happen.

So, let me clean off a few arty party things I have on my desktop.  We're getting to a stage where I don't have much unity of choice until I mine some more, but I really want stuff clear off before I start in again!  Clutter!

UK artist Kaylee Hibbert creates three dimensional and illusional textiles using carefully stitched thread.  and is exploring the idea of turning many of her designs into a collection of hand-stitched wallpapers.  I can't get these-  WAY too expensive, but aren't they beautiful?

Anna Mo‘s chunky knits are not shy about their pattern, the soft form of her objects forcing the wearer to observe the pieces in all of their magnified glory. To knit these mammoth material works the Ukraine-based Mo not only uses extremely thick sections of wool, but also XXL needles to produce her three-inch-thick stitches. In addition to her wearable works, Mo also sells the yarn that she uses to produce the pieces (100% Australian merino wool) as well as oversized knitting needles so you can produce your own chunky sweaters and blankets.  I bought 'kits' for both my daughter and DIL for Christmas but neither have gotten bitten by the knit bug as I had hoped.  Now my offer on the table is that *I* will either teach them when I come back this summer, or I will simply take them and make it for them.  This stuff was really expensive, doesn't belong in a bag in the closet-of-bad-ideas.

I have a couple of these warning lights on, guess I should call and make an appointment at the dealership.  They can fix the lights AND show me how to set the radio (again...)  The manual tells me to look under 'radio' for the instructions, when I go there it tells me to look under 'controls' somewhere else.  Plus I got a new phone that isn't synced right.   I don't see a sign for that.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

People have tried and tried, but sex is not better than sweet corn. -- Garrison Keillor

LOL This is in my quote box already and gets dragged out every year at the beginning of sweet corn season. For a few weeks I live on fresh hot corn dripping with butter sharing the plate with tomato sandwiches, made with good white bread and Hellmans with an ample bit of salt and black pepper. There is just nothing better.

One college summer I worked in a tomato packing place - putting tomatoes into trays and plastic sleeves for grocery stores. We handled 50 pound boxes of tomatoes and dealt with rain-loaded balloons that pretended to be tomatoes and a few tomato hornworms. We got to choose our own tomatoes to purchase and take home as they whizzed by on the conveyor belt. That summer my mother and I ate so many tomatoes that we were both big red itchy messes from the acid of it all. But they were SOOOOOO good. Big red, fresh tomatoes. Lots of mayo. Salt and pepper.