Tuesday, August 11, 2015

grandniece cytoplasm catchy

There are three kinds of men: 
       The ones that learn by reading. 
       The few who learn by observation. 
  The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves. Will Rogers

nut sharing, not on purpose

My stitch group happened today and we had five people, growing a bit, but the next few weeks will dwindle as folks leave on August travels, a favorite time to get the hell out of South Florida.  I didn't have anything ready to go and didn't have time to grab yarn and a pattern to start something new so I found an old straw hat that I always liked because it actually fits, and some old lace lying around the studio.  I covered the brim with this heavy lace and I think I might wear it a few more times.  I used it for the scarecrow decorations a few years back and it was pretty stuck with hardened glue I had to pick off.  I'll finish it tomorrow, and also find SOMETHING that will be ready to work on next week without an emergency zip out to pick up something dumb.

We got notice today that both our kid's families have their tickets to come down over Thanksgiving!  We're hoping to break in the new house then, folks will fill all the beds!  Too bad we didn't put in a bunk room and a few more showers!  I doubt that they will ALL descend at once very often but this should work out OK.    I'm just hoping they arrive about the same time so we can take all three car seats down to the airport to meet them in one trip.  We will have fun-  they all love the water so keeping towels dry will be the biggest drain.  And that's no problem at all.  

Yesterday and today I have been making a batch of watermelon pickles to have.  My grandmother always used to have a relish tray with little carrots and celery sticks, a pile of watermelon pickles and a few canned black olives.  i thought this was the height of sophistication and still absolutely love them-  lets just hope there are some left by November.  For me, silly!  Nobody else has the fond memories and they won't touch 'em!

I also have the watermelon to eat, a long term project!
 And I couldn't resist this watermelon sweater, $46 USD. (I don't know how much the green rhino might be.)
I just got back from the house where the only progress I see are some window sills.  Like I care about those?  All I want it so get all my STUFF together in one house again, get my flour and sugar set up and cook my brains out on my turquoise stove.  Fortunately I got over there just as it started to pour and found the bedroom door open.  Good thing, the room had just been painted and we would probably have a mess on our hands if the door stayed open.

For our Art Field Trip today we're gonna see Bird Tattoos, and stunning ones they are of you are so inclined.  I won't ever get one because I'm too fickle-  what I love today isn't necessarily what I want to live with for ummmm- oops, I guess I wouldn't have to live with it too long now...  ANYway, check these out:


 more love!!!

but a scarf can be thrown away!

And this is a repeat, but so good it has to be seen again and again:
And get invited to all the best parties...

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Susan said...

When I was going to uni- many years ago - my Danish landlady used to make watermelon pickles and I loved them then. Haven't had them since. Do you share your recipe? Or you could ship me a few jars.....
I enjoy your squirrels, but don't let my dog see your posts, because squirrels send her totally dipsh... Thanks Sandy