Monday, August 03, 2015

notice helmholtz ambulate

 Never miss a good chance to shut up.  Will Rogers

Looks like he's carrying a wee statue to a new place in his house.  OR maybe it's something tasty, who knows.

Whoa, as usual plans change unexpectedly.  Today I am picking TY up at the airport though he wasn't due to come home until Tuesday.  Since he's staying in a hotel up there and has exhausted the list of to-dos, he is coming back.  So that means I had to do emergency food shopping-  he doesn't appreciate my crackers-and-cheese dinners.  The companions are happy because I got them a fresh rotisserie chicken, and the laundry is all done.  Friends asked me out for dinner last night so the dogs got extra chicken...  The desk and filing cabinet for my new so-called office were delivered and I am quite happy with the desk-  buying online has some ugly surprises but the desk is good.  I wanted a movable table so if the kids are here it can be moved away from the wall for games or puzzle-making, and this fit the bill.  Now I need a good chair.  SO, back to internet shopping!  Am thinking 2 Louis Ghost chairs so I can use them as extra dining chairs too.

The first coats of paint is all over the house and I love the colors-  or LACK of colors- I picked, variations on a silvery gray with white doors and trim.  And a black dining room that I love more than I ever imagined!  It really looks good and I'm anxious to see it with the second coat covering all the little filled spots and dings, and with the floor paper pulled up.  I meet the painter on Tuesday for a final run through and I'll probably try to hug him a few times.
Laundry room, entrance from garage, the only color!

Great room, aka the silo.

Kitchen, black is refrigerator surround, open shelves above and cupboards below with a very cool pull-out thingy in the dead corner.

Kitchen arch to living room showing 2 shades of gray, black cupboard, and black dining room through arch, bottom woodwork covered with plastic.  OK, you're caught up on the house.  September is the target.

I found an artist who's drawings I am in awe!  Let's look at some amazing architectural drawing talent with skewed perspective, shall we?

I was completely unaware that a polyhedral panoramic perspective drawing was a thing, but apparently is, though a quick google search comes up with nothing. But I’ll take artist Rorik Smith at his word and just enjoy the incredible effects achieved in his disorienting illustrations that are drawn with graphite pencils on-site without aid from photographic reference material or digital manipulation. Smith seems to introduce polarized coordinates at random locations in each drawing and then bends the perspective of the surrounding areas to match. If that makes any sense. I also need to apologize for referring to these drawings as skewed-  they are actually 10 point perspective which my mind is too solidified to get around. I used to love drawing perspective but these are just SO much more than my simple attempts from draughting classes.  This guy rocks-  go try to read what he's doing on his site and you'll never try artspeak again!  

And speaking of skewed!  

All of Stephen McMennamy’s Combophotos are thought provoking, giving us a chance to reconsider the form of objects that are altogether familiar—like a water tower with an odd resemblance to a golf tee. Some images comment on society and make us question how they influence our lives—like a pack of cigarettes topped with fast-food fries. Many are equally hilarious—like a apricot that perfectly replaces a man’s butt.
Rather than use stock imagery, McMennamy shoots all the photos himself, leaving the boundary line between each image intact for a look that makes each combination seem charmingly spontaneous.  Make sure and go to his Instagram page at the link-  LOTS more!

Yesterday as far as I got was wearing my fabulous yellow plastic clogs to splash through puddles with the canine companions!  Today will be better.

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